Wonderful Features of Skype Software

Skype is a world famous internet telephony software application that allows its users to make voice calls over the Internet. Using this most successful peer-to-peer Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service provider, you can make calls worldwide over the internet to other users within the Skype (Skype-to-Skype calling) service for free and it provides low-cost calling rates to regular telephones and mobile phones.

Here are some of the wonderful features of Skype software:

    skype-to-skype, free skype calls

  1. Free calling to anyone who’s on Skype with call encryption that makes your calls completely secure and private.
  2. video-calls,skype

  3. Free video calls feature that allows callers with webcams to view each other live while chatting.
  4. send IM and files

  5. Send instant messages and files.
  6. skype

  7. Unlimited or Pay As You Go calls to phones and mobiles using SkypeOut service. And SkypeIn service that allows your friend and family to call your Skype account from mobile phones or landline.
  8. skype addon  Using Skype Call Phone Numbers on Websites

  9. Skype extension for Firefox that allows you to call phone numbers on any website with just one click.
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