OpenDNS vs Google Public DNS vs BSNL Broadband DNS Servers

Whenever you encounter issues with your ISP’s DNS servers set for your network connections, there are chances that you cannot access your favorite website, or the servers becomes so busy that it slows down to the point that it doesn’t respond and sending packets becomes a snail’s pace. This is a common problem faced by DSL subscribers and rarely by ADSL Broadband users as well.

The best solution to this DNS server connectivity problem is simply changing the your network’s preferred and alternate DNS server addresses manually to either OpenDNS server addresses or Google Public DNS servers.

Google Public DNS is a new, simple, and much faster when compared to openDNS and comes very handy in cases when DNS servers of your Internet Service Provider aren’t responding in a timely manner. Head-on to my previous post to know – How to Setup Google Public DNS IPs for Your Internet Connection

Google Public DNS Servers Ping Test

On a server ping test with command prompt, you can notice that the Google Public DNS servers responding swiftly when compared to that of OpenDSN server ips’.

OpenDNS Servers Ping Test
OpenDNS Server Ping Test

Although Google Public DNS is trying to impose an edict on the internet access, BSNL Broadband service which is most common and famous in India, provide server speeds that blows Google Public DNS way out of the water with an approximate round trip time that ranges between 25-40ms with absolutely 0% loss most of the times.

BSNL Broadband Servers Ping Test

Here is the chart comparing the response times of OpenDNS, Google Public DNS and BSNL Broadband DNS Servers:


As you can notice from the chart, BSNL Broadband DNS ping response time is just 26ms and is much faster when compared to that of Google Public DNS and OpenDNS.

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  • Ping times are dependent on the number of hops/routers your packet needs to traverse in order to reach the DNS Server. And this is easily influenced by other factors like geographical location of the servers, routers and the clients. If I were to test or compare Name Servers, i'll measure the response time taken to lookup a name instead. That makes more sense to me.

  • @Surajram That's an interesting point you raised and it goes hand-in-hand with what I've posted above. Thanks!!

  • its obvious that BSNL DNS will be fast because its Local (Internal) DNS Server of BSNL Broadband
    unlike Google DNS which is International
    If you were in same Country as Google DNS Server & trying to use BSNL DNS, Ping Results will be opposite. same goes to OpenDNS

  • what about the point when the dns servers of bsnl are not updated and sometimes prone to crashing? I would say that the time for the ping is one factor whereas dependability is a more appropriate parameter to judge upon.

    What say you may a comparison on the dependability?

  • Changing BSNL Broadband DNS Server addresses to the numbers given below you can speed your BSNL Dataone/Broadband Internet. Set preferred and alternate DNS server Addresses to and respectively to increase bsnl broadband speed. Let me know if it worked for you.

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