Cool Math Websites for Kids

Many children find maths as a difficult subject to understand especially the algebra part of it. This early disinterest created in the minds of the children towards maths is mainly due to the age-old boring teaching techniques that least care about getting students interested in what they are learning so that they can understand it better. These consequences may negatively lead the children to consider themselves as poor students and sometimes it continues throughout their formal education.

So, it is always important to make the kids find maths as fun, easier to understand subject and as enjoyable & entertaining as computer games rather than a burden. With this very motto, many cool math sites have been designed and here are some of the most popular ones:

Math Is Fun – Maths Resources

Cool math at

Cool math 4 kids @

Algebra lessons at

Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies

Math Games and Activities for Kids @

A Maths Dictionary for Kids 2010 by Jenny Eather

Math Games for Kids @

Math Cats – math website for kids

25 Arcade-Style Math Games on Funbrain

Flink Learning – A place to find downloadable educational e-Activities

BrainingCamp Free Math Activities

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  • I didn’t know there are so many useful online Math sites available.

    It is a nice break from the mundane teaching of maths to kids when they come to all these fanciful websites.

  • It's great to know things are getting better now. I could play games with my kids while teaching them math.

  • Great list. has a free section of lessons and math applets that make theory more visual and interactive. Visit

  • @Paul @Rob @Juliet @Brochure_Design @Arshad Nice to hear from you and happy that you found the post useful. Yah, I agree with you guys, using these fun resources learning Math is no more a burden but a joy and as enjoyable as playing computer games.

    @Dan @Flinkstr Thanks for sharing useful Math learning resources. I really appreciate that. Both Flink Learning at & BrainingCamp Math Activities at are equally good.

  • – Collection of cartoon movies,short stories,rhymes,poems for kids, Games, Online colouring, Education videos and much more

  • @Vikas @waseem thanks for adding to the list – and which can be useful resources for kids. I appreciate your effort and quality of information you’ve provided here. Keep coming back for more. Cheers!! 🙂

  • Those looking for an useful Android application to teach Math to kids, “Kids Numbers and Math Lite” is special. Teaching numbers, this game creates interest in Math for children. To install, android users can get from Google Play

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