Overview of the Latest Tools to Fight Duplicate Content

Search Engine giant Google is not the only company who is doing all it can to eliminate duplicate content that has plagued the wide world web like a poisonous disease. BloomReach, a well-known big data marketing Applications company has come up with its own tool to fight against the much dreaded duplicate content – they call it the Dynamic Duplicate Reduction.

How Does Dynamic Duplicate Reduction Tool Work?

When used, the Dynamic Duplicate Reduction (DDR) tool will continuously crawl, scrutinize and locate any duplicate content on your website. When the duplicate content has been found, it will make sure that the main or original page is the one that is crawled, indexed and searched. The duplicates on the other hand will be unseen but can still be used for web analytics.

BloomReach boasts that the Dynamic Duplicate reduction tool reduces about 95% pages of duplicate content with different URLs, which means that in a search, only the most relevant pages will be found.

Why is Duplicate Content a Problem?

Any self-respecting website or blog owner should avoid duplicate content at any cost. Having it on your site will only cause more harm than good. Not only that, it is an eye sore and Google will track it down and penalize the site by pushing it further down in the search rank. Being taken out from the rank is a death sentence for many websites who earn through clicks and traffic. In other words, having duplicate content will only mean lost revenue and no sales. Why risk it? And don’t forget, using duplicate content may also lead to law-suits related to plagiarism.

Another Latest Duplicate Content Checking Tool – PlagSpotter

BloomReach’s DDR tool is not the only device one can use to battle with the war against duplicate content. There are many available tools online one can use to make sure that no one is duplicating your content on your website. One of them is PlagSpotter. It is the latest duplicate content checker tool that can be used to scan websites for that very much dreaded plagiarized text copy. The tool is very easy to use. All you need to do is paste your website’s URL and PlagSpotter will do all the detective work for you. Your site will be scanned against countless sites to see if there are any anomalies and then within minutes, you will receive a comprehensive report about the results.

Unlike most online duplicate content checkers, PlagSpotter is free, even though in the near future the team is planning to offer daily and weekly scans for their premium subscribers, and for serious website business owners, this is a must to have feature. It is not surprising that customers now consider PlagSpotter a very good alternative to the famous duplicate content checker online tool CopyScape.

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