Increase Your Blog Readers with Best Social Media Tips

Getting readers and unique users to your blog via social media channels is arguably the best way to grow the blog and the blog’s brand. Here are some tips to increase your blog’s readership by leveraging online social avenues.

Tip 1: Create Accounts Within Popular Social Media Portals

Creating accounts within popular social media portals can help you to promote your blog, this is essential as it allows you to further feed the blog content into those reader-rich environments. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are just a few places where a blogger would do well and can have access to, in order to promote the blog at no cost, and to successfully find people who are interested in their blog’s niche.

Tip 2: Produce Blog Content Consistently

Producing blog content consistently is a must, when venturing into the social media space, this can increase readership. Nothing can frustrate a potential blog consumer than an inconsistently updated blog. Using social media as an outreach mechanism, you may actually harm your blog, if the potential consumers come to the site and see it infrequently updated with unique and fresh content. Bloggers who treat their blogs as their only business, who has got great passions with multiple updates a week and not occasional hobbies with the every now-and-again blog post, are far more likely to retain the consumer for further updates and active engagement.

Tip 3: Make Your Blog Content Shareable With Social Sharing Tools

Enabling your blog to allow people to ‘follow’ your social media profiles and showing your blog’s URL on your social media profiles are great ways to make your blog easy for your blog readers to read and share information or blog’s content to their social friends. By using widgets, plugins, and other social media tools are helpful to make your blog social-media friendly, visitors to your site can have an easy user experience and are likely to share what they like from your blog to social sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit.

Tip 4: Act Like An Unselfish Blogger on Social Media

Engaging social media audiences with the links that aren’t just about your blog or from your blog, makes you look like an unselfish blogger – this is a fantastic quality to get across to your readership.

Tip 5: Frequently Publish Blog Content Into the Social Media Space

One important thing to note for successful blogging is to publish content from your blog into the social media space very often, but there is another important thing to remember which is not to be seen as someone who’s just promoting his or her own interests all the time. Constant self-promotion is as much of a turnoff in social media as it is in real life, so talk to your followers on topics related to your blog a few times a week and then slip your blog posts on a rotational basis.

While there are many other things a blogger can do to increase a blog’s visibility using social media, the tips shown here will provide a firm footing towards taking the blog in the right direction. The following are a few other social media tips to increase blog readers:

  • Make use of appealing blog designs
  • Participate in professional discussions
  • Add social bookmarking icon on your blog
  • Audit your blog results frequently
  • Provide anchor text in the author bio
  • Don’t ignore your existing readers
  • Have a look at social media updates
  • Start a podcast
  • Get Google+ profile and authorship from Google is important
  • Conduct Webinars and Google+ Hangouts etc.

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