Quran and Eid Android Apps

To hear the Quran sayings in the MP3 format, there’s MP3 Quran app. MP3 Quran app supports Quran sayings at-least in 14 languages.

MP3 QURAN Android App

For those of you who want to hear the Quran only in Urdu there’s Quran Urdu Audio Translation app readily available.

Quran Urdu Audio

And to get the Quran in text matter, Al Qur’an is there. The Quran text is available in English & Arabic languages plus there’s Arabic transcription and Quran audio recitation in Arabic.

To convey Eid greetings to your family and friends with attractive images, obtain ‘Eid Greetings Lite’ android app.

Eid Greeting Card

Using Eid Greeting Lite app you can share Eid greeting cards and Quranic verses via Email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. There is also a possibility to insert the individually required texts in your Eid cards.

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