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Hanuman Chalisa is a 40-verse poem on Lord Hanuman which is sung by Hunuman devotees with great love and devotion. To store the Hanuman Chalisa in android mobiles and tabs, obtain Hanuman Chalisa Audio & Lyric app. With this app setting Hanuman Chalisa as morning alarm, you can start the day with Chalisa. You can repeat the Chalisa with special options and can obtain lyrics in Hindi and English.

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Poolabhishekam can be done by touching the flower icon. Upon touching the bell on the screen the temple bells will ring. And by touching shanka icon Shankanaad can be heard. Going to setting, check the Enable Alarm option and set the Chalisa daily or end of the week as alarm set.

Are you a Hanuman devotee? As you may already know, the 44th President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama himself is also a Hanuman devotee since the initial days of his life in Indonesia, and who carries in his pocket a locket of lord Hanuman as a good luck charm.

Peter Montalbano (Berkeley, CA) in his comment on an article published in The Economic Times says:

This Hanuman lucky charm was given to Obama by a former Thailand Peace Corps volunteer in Iowa, presently a professor. I know the guy who gave it to him, I trained his group in 1967, right after I myself got out of the Peace Corps. I understand that Obama said that he remembered the monkey king from his Indonesia days, and thought it would be a cool thing to wear. Hanuman is not a Hindu god, but is a hero in the Indian epic Ramayana, and its Thai counterpart Ramakien.

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