Android Smartphones and their Weather Apps

Smartphones are getting smarter everyday with one app or the other being developed. Talking about smartphones has become so common that it is more like discussing the day’s weather and what one can expect for the day. How nice it would be to have a mobile weather report right in your hands instead of tuning in to the TV or radio to listen to the weatherman giving the forecast? Well, it is reality today with the various weather apps that can be downloaded onto your smartphone and pulled up anytime you want to know the weather forecast for a particular day or part of the day.

Here are a few weather apps that are reliable and great to have on your smartphone.Best Weather Apps - Weather Elite by WeatherBug, 1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar, Eye In Sky Weather

WeatherBug Elite

WeatherBug Elite is considered to be the number one weather app today; hence it is the most sought after. The app that has many features is easy to use and can be read without any difficulty. Being intuitive, the app is great even for novices and people who have just got used to their smartphones. The unique sliding navigation bar makes it easy to navigate to any section of the app with consummate ease.

The design of the extended forecast is great and lets you zero in on the any particular weather condition that you are looking for with just a simple swipe. The swipe gives you a quick view of the weather lying ahead for the week, and yet another swipe gives you a break-up for the week. Swiping across any selected day gives you the forecast by the hour.


1Weather is an app that is functional and looks beautiful at the same time. It offers several unique features and is a great weather app for Android. Here again, the operation is by simple swipes, which is made a lot more interesting and attractive with animated clouds passing through with gentle rainfall, presenting a pretty picture. The brighter side of it is the sun appearing constantly in a rotating motion.

Nothing much different when compare to other weather apps, except for the interesting animations and the various phases of the Sun and Moon, if you are interested in such things. The interesting Twitter section lets you view the tweets about the weather from people in your location. There is a bit of a lag, which could be due to the animations, however you get the correct forecasts, so it doesn’t matter too much.

Eye In Sky

As the name itself denotes, this app helps keep an eye on the weather at all times. The app is simple yet elegant, though lacking some features that you may find in other regular weather apps. However, what is missing by way of features is made up in style, elegance and presentation. You ultimately get to learn about the weather, which is all that counts. It is great for someone who is in a hurry and would like a quick update on the current weather without any frills. It comes with four widgets that can be used on the home-screen and are quite simple, just like the app itself.

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