NSA: Mobile Phone Trackers in Style

Section 215 of the Patriot Act became the basis of the government’s defense of everything that the NSA has been doing to its own citizens so far. We’re now hearing reports that NSA employees are misusing the powers that they have and actually spying to their jilted heart’s content on ex/current lovers.

While NSA is the organization that’s meant to track down the acts of foreign intelligence agencies such as the ISI, MOSSAD and RAW, it’s found it easier to keep track of the American citizens. The public seems to be buying the government’s argument that national security is more important than personal privacy, but to what end? With reports now surfacing that the NSA has mobile phone trackers that can actually track the location of phones that are turned off, we’re left wondering what else we should expect.

Companies like Verizon are sending data by the truckload to the organization – and the best part is they’re being paid to do the deed with tax payer dollars. All of this is being done in the name of national security without shedding a tear for the average Joe whose privacy and personal space the organization has torn apart.

Check out our infographic for more detail on what the NSA has been up to, and tell us how you feel about all that they’ve done. Is it really justifiable to go deep into the personal information of US citizens for the sake of national security? What would you do if you were in the government’s shoes?
NSA: From security providers to cell phone trackers

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