HP Chromebook 14 and Samsung Chromebox Overview

The new HP Chromebook 14 is a notebook computer manufactured by Google with the collaboration of HP company. Display screen is 14-inch, resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels and 1.4 GHz Intel celeron 2955U processor has been used.

HP Chromebook 14 and Samsung Chromebox Overview 1

The storage capacity is 16 GB and 100 GB of Google Drive can be obtained freely for two years period. 3G services can be utilized with the help of 2GB dongle. USB ports, HDMI port and SD card slot is available. We can use Bluetooth and WiFi services. It weights just 1.85 Kgs and battery capacity is 9.5 hours. HP Chromebook 14 price is Rs 26,990/-

The applications being used in Windows are difficult to use in Chromebook. The popular software like MS Office, Adobe, Firefox, VLC player will not be possible to use. Chromebook 14 has inbuilt some of the favorite apps and we can use more apps available in the Chrome Web Store duly installing. It will not support 3D games. Because there is less internal memory, it becomes difficult to save videos. Using pen drive or external storage drive we can store and view videos and movie files. We can view mp4 video alone in full resolution. We cannot play mkv, flv, wmv video file formats. The highlighting feature is having inbuilt virus protection that protects the Chromebook against viruses and worms.
For further details go to https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/devices/hp-chromebook-14/#hp-cb-14

Samsung had manufactured the Chromebox PC which is a fast, compact type of desktop PC.

HP Chromebook 14 and Samsung Chromebox Overview 2

Connecting the Chromebox to the monitor, we can use as Chromebook. It will work as a CPU as seen by the side of desktop. Intel celeron processor was used in Chromebox.

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