Tips to Save Laptop Battery Charge

When we use laptop, one of the most important things we must know about is saving of battery charge and for that we have to follow some primary precautions. There will be applications which run along with the Windows OS in the startup and those will be called startup programs. By closing not required ones among those startup programs, we can save the battery. When there is no work with laptop Bluetooth, better do ‘Turn Bluetooth Off’.

Sometimes unnecessarily we run CDs & DVDs in drives owing to which battery charge will be consumed wastely. So, when there is no using of CDs or DVDs, eject it. Also the USB devices such as flash drives, external hard drives and external speakers connected to the laptop may be disconnected when there is no need using them, to save battery charging.

When we take a small break during working, without leaving the laptop just like that with screensaver on, it’s better to put it in ‘Stand By’ or ‘Sleep Mode’ to save the battery charge. And when we want to take a long break before going to continue work from where we left off, to hibernate the system is the best choice.

Coming to screen brightness, it is better to reduce it based on room’s lighting especially during night times to save laptop battery charge. We can change the settings suitable to battery usage going into advanced settings in power options. Alternatively we can use the free software named f.lux and make the laptop’s display brightness to adapt according to the current time of day.

f.lux Color Temperature: Currently 4900K (night)
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