3 Best Android Apps for Automating Tasks

For working with the Wifi network automatically, to save the battery charging, to reduce the screen display brightness, to set wallpaper, to turn-on torch, to load an app, to record audio, to send SMS etc., all the said tasks will be done automatically, all right when we reach home or office with the help of the android app ‘Tasker’. Using Tasker app on our android device we can utilize 200+ built-in actions setting automatically.

If we feel in any way that using Tasker app is somewhat difficult, we can use ‘Automagic‘ app very easily. In this automation app actions can be set on our android device in flowcharts method.

For trying free version of automation app, install ‘AutomateIt‘ app.

Using AutomateIt app we can do the Bluetooth enabled or disabled, we can trigger the USB to connect or disconnect automatically and we can also automate many more tasks like closing of apps, shutdown and reboot of device, dial phone numbers, sending of SMS etc.

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