Best General Knowledge (GK) and IQ Android Apps

Without wasting time it’s better if we try to improve knowledge because improving general knowledge can make us ready for competitive examinations and IQ can also be enhanced. To improve general knowledge we read different kinds of books, newspapers, weeklies and monthly magazines. In the same way through mobile apps also knowledge can be improved, for instance try the app General Knowledge 52600 +Faqs

Best General Knowledge (GK) and IQ Android Apps 1

After installing GK app we can use it offline and there is no need of internet connection. Using this app we can develop the general knowledge with the question and answers provided on various kinds of topics.

Best General Knowledge (GK) and IQ Android Apps

General Knowledge and IQ Android Apps

There is another very useful general knowledge app called ‘India GK Questions’. It is providing general knowledge about India gathering all the important incidents taken place in the country.

For current affairs install the app ‘Latest Current Affairs & GK in English & Hindi‘ app.
Daily current affairs are being provided by the app ‘Daily Current Affairs & GK‘. In this app we can also view date wise current affairs.

The importance of IQ for competitive exams is known well. Have you checked the IQ you possessed?

Best General Knowledge (GK) and IQ Android Apps 2

Try IQ and Aptitude Test app. This app provides answers and explanations to questions.

Another useful app for competitive exams is Aptitude Test and Preparation, Tricks & Practice. It is useful to prepare for competitive examinations like GMAT, CAT, GRE, SAT, MAT and also bank aspirants.

IQ Test Preparation is another IQ app that is throwing challenge to your intelligence posing questions from nine different topics.

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