The Best Mobile Apps for 2019

Another year, another new bunch of apps. Mobile technology is at a stage now where virtually everyone has it. Small business users, leisure users, home planners and children’s apps, there is something for everyone. Whatever you need, we have sourced some of the best apps available today.

For Video Chatting: PlayJ

Video chatting is nothing new. The current market leader in this area is Snapchat but all that could change in 2019. PlayJ is a video chatting experience for your mobile. But it differs from Snapchat, Skype, FB Messenger and all the others in that you may play games with the people you are communicating with, watch videos together and explore web content. PlayJ is a concept from Sony and is currently available as a beta. You can download the PlayJ app on Google Play.

PlayJ – Share Your Screen, Chat and Hangout With Your Friends.

For Lottery Gaming: Lottoland

An award winning lottery app from Lottoland is finally here to much anticipation. Imagine being able to bet on the world’s best lottery games and the biggest jackpots. This is the only app you need to bet and to play a wide range of scratch cards and lottery games no matter where you are in the world. You’ll receive instant notifications every time you win and there are multiple bet options. The Lottoland app is available for iPhone & Android.

For Language and Travel: iTranslate

A foreign phrase book in your pocket, iTranslate helps you get over one of the most common barriers to travel – the language gap. All you need to do is speak into the app and ask to translate into a certain language including pronunciations. Or you could ask the local to speak into the app to translate for you. Available in 90 languages, most of which can be downloaded to use off-grid. iTranslate mobile app is available for Android, iOS and Apple Watch users.

iTranslate Language Translation App for Travel.

For News: Flipboard

Distrust in the mainstream media news outlets in the UK means a lot of people search for alternative sources. News is everywhere, but how much of it can be trusted? Flipboard is not a news site and it does not publish content. It provides news through aggregation. That is, it provides links to stories from outlets all over the world. Get the broadest possible range of views at the touch of a button. Flipboard mobile app is available on iOS and Android.

Flipboard is the one place for all your interests.

For Social Bill Splitting: Venmo

It’s common to be on a night out with a group of friends and nobody has the right cash. It seems to take as long to decide how to pay as it does to eat the food. But fear not because Venmo (owned by PayPal) is a fast and easy way to send money to friends to avoid the headache of coin counting and note swapping. This is useful when paying for group meals. In 2019, we expect businesses to get on board too. The Venmo Mobile app is available for iPhone and Android, and they also offer Venmo Card, a card that acts like a Mastercard and can be used to make purchases in establishments that accept Mastercard payments.

Venmo App: The fun and easy way to send, pay, and receive money.
Venmo Mobile App: Send, Pay & Receive Money Instantly.

Augmented Reality: WallaMe

Do you want to leave private messages for friends in public places? Or maybe you want to use AR to gamify your environment and lead a partner or friend to a hidden place? WallaMe takes augmented reality to the next level by allowing you to leave messages for friends that only authorised people may see. You can set a treasure hunt, for example, or simply ask them to meet you somewhere.

The Best Mobile Apps for 2019 1
WallaMe app lets you add augmented reality drawings to physical places.

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