Why Construction Project Scheduling and Control is Important for Your Project

Do you go on a road trip without knowing the directions? A construction project is just akin to a road trip. You cannot complete it without a schedule. A plan keeps all the team members on the same page. With the correct allocation of resources, the construction process proceeds without any hiccups. It is the chief responsibility of the subcontractor to create an in-depth schedule before moving ahead.

Just like GPS helps in navigating accurately, a contractor scheduling software helps in scheduling faster.

Construction Scheduling Software: Procore Construction Project Scheduling and Control Software.
Procore Construction Project Scheduling and Control Software.

Here are the reasons why construction project scheduling and control software is important for your project.

1. Completes on Time

Scheduling software in construction assists in planning and scheduling which in turn helps in completing a project on time and within the allocated time. A well-planned project is good for maintaining the speed of work in addition to how it will be done. A schedule describes the methods and the mannerism in which the materials will be used. It is not an easy thing to do as there are a plethora of elements needed to design a perfect schedule.

2. Quality Control

The schedule allows boosting quality control measures as the user can synchronize the work. This is to ensure the right quantity and quality of the material is utilized at each step. Not just the material, construction project scheduling and control is the best tool to plan different resources including labor and equipment and other things.

For instance, a big construction project needs a lot of materials. A schedule can be used to purchase the materials well in time and this helps in finishing the project as scheduled. You are required to submit a number of data sheets, samples and drawings for a construction project to complete in time. Scheduling software in construction does the same efficiently.

3. Improve Safety Performance

Major construction project scheduling software let the various participants such as vendors, clients, designers and subcontractors have ample time for planning. Since safety is a big concern, planning helps in improving the safety performance and assures proper protection of workers at the site. With proper planning, you can save money as you are aware of the activities required to be accomplished during the cold weather. Proper scheduling helps in getting higher efficacy while finishing it within the time frame.

4. Provides a Plan B

A schedule helps in identifying the critical path. This can turn critical if the client request surpasses the decided date. So, when everything doesn’t move in the direction decided, a schedule means you have thought of many paths to complete the project. If the main path isn’t moving in the right direction with the right pace, there is a backup plan to help you reach the goal. A schedule helps you to be prepared for the unpredictable thing.

5. Misallocation is Removed

Construction Project Scheduling and control helps in allocating each task to the right individual in turn ensuring no labor is wasted. The right software is the correct tool for the project manager to prevent any overlaps in the schedule that can cause delays and confusions.

6. Instills Transparency

Most of the online tools are well within budget. These affordable construction scheduling software provide visual tracking. This includes checking the progress of a project, track the location of the employees and the hours and also make a comparison between the stipulated timeline to the actual timeline. All these things help in controlling the project post planning and scheduling phase. A lot of solutions have an inbuilt feature which helps in alerting when a particular thing is due or fails to meet the due date. In such a situation, the contractor can take timely action before it is too late.

7. Lesser Last Minute Ordering

With a well thought of plan, a construction project scheduling and control software ensure that all the required materials are ordered well in advance and they are there before the need arises. A lapse here can affect the productivity and the progress of the project. Also, no cost delays would occur.

Summing up

Never hop on a project without a game plan aka schedule. The correct scheduling software for small construction can help in devising a schedule to help you and the team be more productive, efficient and increase profitability. This software can be used by small, medium and large enterprises.

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