Tips for Lowering Your Electricity Bill

With summertime in full swing, it’s time to take a closer look at your electricity bill. Throughout the year, it’s normal to see your electric bill rise and fall depending on your energy usage. That being said, there are a lot of things you can do to lower your electricity bill as long as you’re proactive.

As you’ve already realized, keeping the lights on and your A/C running is sometimes more expensive than you might think. From DIY projects to managing your appliances, these tips will help you lower your electric bill no matter the time of year.

1. Check Your Windows and Doors

One of the most common reasons for rising bills are the costs of heating and cooling. Running your heater or your air conditioner takes a lot of power, and this is why the summer and winter months are notoriously the most expensive for your electric bill.

That being said, you can lower your bill by taking some steps around the house. First, check your windows and door. They might not be sealed as well as you think. Letting cold air out during the summer or warm air out during the winter will add up quickly on your bill. You might need a fresh set of weatherstripping around your doors and windows.

2. Use Water More Efficiently

A less thought of expensive is your hot water usage. Are you using too much hot water? If you are, it’ll reflect on your energy bill. Start by taking shorter showers. The average American shower uses up to 17 gallons, and that’s really inefficient. Odds are you don’t need that much time to get the essentials done, so why not cut back when you can?

Another way to be smart about your water usage is by washing clothes in cold water. Hot water ups your energy usage, and it also can be more damaging to your clothes. Always wash in cold or cool water if you can.

3. Upgrade Your Appliances

If you’re using older appliances around your home, they might not be energy efficient. Purchasing newer, energy efficient models will use less water and less energy. Look for the Energy Star Label when you make a purchase.

When looking for which appliances to upgrade, think about what you use the most. For example, you probably use your HVAC system and the fridge all the time, so these should take priority over your dishwasher which you might only use once a week.

4. Shop Around for Electricity

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In some markets, you might be able to shop around for the best rates on your electricity. While this isn’t true of everywhere, many places offer several energy providers. This gives you more flexibility with what you pay and how you use your own electricity. One of the states where this is most common is Texas, so click here to compare the cheapest electricity rates in Texas.

5. Use Smart Power Strips

Smart homes aren’t just for the future. They’re becoming a reality of today, so why not make this simple upgrade? When you leave appliances and devices plugged into the wall, they use energy even when they’re powered off. Did you know these can add up quickly on your bill?

Using a smart power strip will cut off the current when your devices aren’t in use. This means you’re saving electricity and lessening the wear and tear on your devices.

6. Install Dimmers

The brightness in your room affects how much you pay on your electric bill. To use less energy, you’ll need to turn your lights down. This is good for your sleep pattern as well, so consider this a win/win both for your wallet and your health. Installing dimmers or smart light bulbs will save you in your yearly lighting costs, and it makes it easier to set the brightness to your needs.

Save Big on Your Electric Costs

Are you ready to save money on your electric bill? If you’re struggling with rising costs this summer, take action. There are a number of things in your control that can lower how much you pay each month.

Who doesn’t like saving money and making an impact on the environment? Do both with this guide above. From smart devices to shopping around for the best rates, you have more options than you think.

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