Do You Have a Magento Website? It’s Time for an Audit

Taking care of a website under Magento is not easy. First, you have to install the modules, configure them and check that they work. Sometimes, it’s the theme that interferes with the functioning of the module you install. In other cases, it’s a little more technical, and everything gets complicated. As a result, it becomes difficult to find a solution and develop its activity by the limits imposed by the installed module. To prevent this, you should conduct a Magento website audit regularly.

Magento Website Audit

When Do You Need an Audit?

  • Creation of a new site. As a rule, new sites have many errors that need to be eliminated at the first stages.
  • Improving the site. Search engines determine user behavior. Therefore, the number of clicks and description of user actions are vital. By improving your site, you make it not only user-friendly, but also attractive to search engines. These processes are interconnected because all search engines are “sharpened” for the benefit of sites.
  • Low performance. Is there traffic, but the conversion is minimal? Are you familiar with this situation? The cause of the problem may be an inconvenient design. Lack of adaptation for smartphones and slow loading of the site are also the reasons. Analysts will find all these shortcomings.
  • Complaints. If website visitors find it difficult to perform basic actions, they complain about errors. Therefore, you need to eliminate the problems quickly. To identify shortcomings, analysts use the reviews that visitors leave on the site or other resources.
  • Business specifics. The site specializes in selling unique products or promoting services in an area where there are many competitors.

What Does a Site Audit Consist Of?

Auditing is a whole range of measures that aim at detecting and eliminating errors. More than one specialist works on the audit. Designers, promotion specialists, marketers, and analysts are in the process. Only a team approach will improve the characteristics of the site and give a lasting effect. The goals of the audit are:

  • Search for errors. Shortcomings that reduce the functionality and speed of resource loading affect the security level.
  • Optimization. The site’s ranking in search results depends on optimization. The specialist analyzes external links, the quality of visual and textual content, and the literacy of the semantic core.
  • Usability. This category includes the usability of the resource, internal navigation, and the correct location of the site blocks.
  • Analysis of behavioral factors. Experts evaluate the behavior of the audience on the site. For example, how much time do they spend on the pages? How often do they return to search engines? Do people repost or follow internal links?
  • Analysis of commercial factors. Experts determine the degree of trust, the completeness of contacts, and the reliability of discounts. These factors determine the loyalty of visitors.

How to Check That an Extension Is Not Harmful to Your E-Commerce Site?

If you are unsure of the quality of an extension, take some performance measurements before and after installation. This step helps you see the extension’s impact on your page load. For example, check the number of SQL queries and the memory used. Besides, analyze the loading time of the pages impacted by the extension before and after their installation. If these values have increased significantly, do not install this extension. Otherwise, be aware of its impact on the performance of your e-commerce site.

If you have a developer on your team, ask them to do a code review. This analysis aims to verify that the code meets standards and that the module will be easy to maintain. The developer can also correct, if necessary, any performance problems detected previously. As a result, the scaling up of your e-commerce platform shouldn’t be impacted by the extension module. Conduct audits regularly, and the site will work smoothly.

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