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5 Reasons to Start Video Blogging Today

Although people like reading, pictures, and videos are always captivating and will always attract a second thought. Human beings are by nature visual beings and this explains why we are consumers of videos more than any other thing. Whether it’s for the purpose or ...Read More

Amazing Facts about Virtual Reality You Never Knew

Virtual reality is not a form of new technology. It’s been here for decades and only recently it has picked up because of improvements in both software and hardware. Do you think you know everything about virtual reality? To know more about this exciting ...Read More

Smartphones and Google Glass Replacing Cameras

We use camera or smartphone to take great looking pictures or record videos. In fact these days best Smartphones are replacing DSLR cameras for shooting great pictures and videos. This is evident from the experiment conducted by photographer and author Amadou Diallo for a ...Read More

Best Digital Camcorders 2013

If you’re shopping for a camcorder, you may find yourself navigating a jungle of technical jargon. Today’s camcorders are sophisticated and full of features that may be confusing to sort out. Camcorder prices range from $75 to $3,500. Here’s a simple list of some ...Read More