5 Reasons to Start Video Blogging Today

Although people like reading, pictures, and videos are always captivating and will always attract a second thought. Human beings are by nature visual beings and this explains why we are consumers of videos more than any other thing. Whether it’s for the purpose or learning or entertainment, you can never get it wrong when it comes to quality videos and pictures.

Stats have shown that more people have subscribed to YouTube over the years and more videos are being released for consumption in different niches. As such, there is every reason for you to venture into vlogging (video blogging) than you can imagine.

And although vlogging is a demanding exercise, learning how to go about it will help you master the skills and also do it excellently. Here are 5 reasons as to why you should start video blogging today:

1. Video blogs offer detailed product descriptions

Assuming you are in video blogging for marketing reasons, showcasing your products to your potential customers is very important. Unfortunately, blogging alone doesn’t allow you to introduce your products as vividly as possible and this can be rectified through vlogging.

For example, if you are marketing a cleaning product, you can take your audience through a step by step process and have them witness the effectiveness of the same product visibly as opposed to just writing about it.

Video blogs offer actual demonstration and your potential customers can easily relate with what they see in a deeper way as opposed to what they read.

2. Video blogs help communicate emotions

Nothing helps marketing success than being able to relay emotions to the audience. Research has shown that content is likely to go viral if emotionality is infused into it and videos are the best platform for doing this. Video blogs not only help communicate the content but also the emotions thus connecting with the audience in a much better way. Combining emotions with quality content can really be helpful in making a video blog go viral.

3. Video blogs are more descriptive and interactive

Vlogs (video blogs) are more descriptive and interactive more than blogs. If you can use the correct visual effects and sound, capturing the imaginations of your audience is very easy and effective. Research has shown that what people see is capable of remaining ingrained in their memory compared to what they read.

As such, video blogs are a great tool for keeping your product or niche ingrained in the minds of your audience for long. And by the way, you don’t need expensive equipment to make video blogs. You can get some best vlogging cameras under 100 online and enjoy making great quality videos for your campaign.

Best Video Blogging Camera. Friendly Edmonton photographer photo by Banter Snaps (@bantersnaps) on UnsplashImage Source: Unsplash.com

4. Video blogging is amazing for tutorials

Many people who come online are either interested in products for purchase or tutorials on how to use those same products in a more effective way. Video blogs offer practical step by step tutorials that are easy for your audience to follow thus giving them an edge over text blogs.

At times, people don’t have much-staying power when it comes to reading but can go through video guide multiple times and follow what they learn to troubleshoot their problems with different products.

The demonstration offered through video blogs far outweighs what you read in the texts and can easily be followed to get the desired results. Nothing beats demonstrative experience and video blogging offers the best platform for this.

5. Videos can easily satisfy curiosity

Have you ever wondered why you are interested in watching the same news you heard over the radio station or read in a newspaper? Have you ever noticed that even if you have read a book, the urge to watch a video or cinema on the same is always high?

That’s the power of visual material and this includes video blogs. With proper strategizing, your video blogs can have amazing results on people compared to what you get if the same content was to be put into text. Music videos or even action movies posted on YouTube have over the years gone viral and this is true especially when the niche covered is of interest to the audience.

Final Thoughts

With proper strategizing, you can achieve more through video blogs than you would if you relied on text content only. It is, however, important to learn how best you should go about this process as people are interested more in quality videos than anything else.

You will need an appealing background and environment when recording your videos and the information provided must be relevant and educative. When all factors are put in place, it will be easy to capture the imagination of your audience while at the same time producing incredible results. As you venture into video blogging, it is also important to have a clear uploading plan to make sure that your audience is locked in.

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