No More Crashed CDs / DVDs

One of the very useful features in Windows is the ability to set the priority of active processes running on the system that’re using the CPU. By default the burn process of your CD or DVD Writer is set to normal priority and this may often lead to crashing on some slow systems where there are other highly prioritized active process running at the same time using most of the CPU. So, if you can set the priority of burn process to high or even real-time, you can by far eliminate crashing of your burn process.

Here is how you can increase the priority of your active burn process:
1. Open ‘Windows Task Manager’.
To do that you can either use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+SHIFT+ESC , CTRL+ALT+DEL
or go to Start–>Run… and type taskmgr and press OK.
No More Crashed CDs / DVDs 1
2. Click on the second tab called Processes, where you will get the list of all active processes running on your PC. No More Crashed CDs / DVDs 2

No More Crashed CDs / DVDs 33. Now, right click on your Writers burn process and set priority to Realtime or High.

You will notice this tweak works like a magic and no more crashed CDs / DVDs


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