Now Indian PayPal Users Can Verify Their Accounts With Just Bank Accounts

PayPal has finally listened to one of the biggest requests from Indian PayPal Users and introduced the facility of verifying PayPal accounts with just bank accounts. This is indeed a great news for Indian PayPal Users as they are free from the hassle of adding credit card information to get their accounts verified. And, as you may know, being a verified PayPal user you can lift all sending and withdrawal limits and make instant and unlimited payments with your PayPal account. To get verified after opening an account, all you have to do is

  1. Add your bank account

  2. Start the process to confirm your bank account by allowing PayPal to send 2 small amounts (less than Rs2/-) to your bank account through NEFT.

  3. Then as a final step of verification process, you will have to check your bank account for the 2 deposits from PayPal and enter those two amounts in your PayPal account where that option is provided.

That’s it!! Now you are a verified PayPal User.

Note: If you are an existing users with a non-verified account, just delete your existing bank account information and add it again.

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