Swipe into a Better View with eyeCard

Wearing conventional eyeglasses not only effects the appearance by often making a bump on the bridge of the nose but also covers a girls beautiful mascara and eye shadow. And even worse, people can even call “four-eyed” (just kidding) sometimes. These are some of the cons of conventional eyeglasses that’re influencing people to prefer wearing contact-lens, especially the youth and girls are inclined to wear contact lenses as they feel they’re more advantageous. But for the matter of fact, there are more disadvantages than the advantages of wearing contact lenses, and the biggie trouble is one has to wash the lenses everyday and put them intact. Also one-day disposable lenses are too expensive to buy for most people.

But now, there’s a great way of protecting eyes and keeping the beauty at the same time. Introducing you the eyeCard – the perfect light weight tool for reading without giving any stress or difficulty to the eyes.

eyeCard view

Made up of shatterproof plastic measuring just about 85 X 50 X 2mm, the light Eye card is very easy to wear as you just have to clamp it onto your nose and due to its flexible nature it doesn’t slip down from your nose! The eyeCard promises to give a better visibility to your eyes more than any of the conventional specs, and also makes you feel comfortable in reading and watching nearby things.

Swipe into a Better View with eyeCard 1

The handy case that comes along lets you to easily carry your eyeCard everywhere without any difficulty and once you get used to wearing it, you hardly know they are there. Also for girls, the beautiful mascara and eye shadow will never be covered!(a big +1)

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