A Friend Says is Fun Way to Send a Message Anonymously

What could be the good reasons for sending an anonymous message to a friend? According to me good reasons for anonymous messaging include:

  1. Severe privacy concerns.
  2. Perhaps modesty & emphasis on the message, as opposed to the cult of personality.
  3. Afraid to be judged by the message thinking you’re being condescending or whatever, not necessary reject but judge too fast. Always follow the path of humility.
  4. Trying to help a friend get out of a bad relationship or improve the way he/she dresses or suggest something about their bad attitude or posture or breath.
  5. To express an emotion or give a constructive criticism to help improve without being offended or offending them.

Whatever may be the reason for anonymous messaging your good friend, A Friend Says helps you to send it keeping your friendship as strong as ever before!

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  • May be too because we are living in a world where the appearance is more important than the heart !! To keep our secret garden so don’t say and show every thing in social media that’s okay, but to lie about who we are, this is different!! and I don’t think it is the best way to have real friends, because how we can hope to have real friends if we lie to them about who we are?

  • Looks good, i will try it on my friends

  • Yes, its always nice to receive messages from a friend who wants to help you improve yourself or be a better person. And your must understand that your friend has chosen to deliver these messages anonymously, because <br />sometimes these things are difficult to say directly to a person one cares about. Using afriendsays is the best way to give some contructive criticism or feedback you'd like to get off your chest to help a friend.

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