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Millions of presentations are held every new day on different industries. Business presentations, medical and healthcare presentations, lecture slides at the University and why not PPTs with reflexions and quotes that are shared by email. But when we need to share presentations to an online audience, it raises some doubts about the best way to do it. Fortunately there are sites that are called “online sharing services” that enables us to share documents, PPT, images and files online. is a free PowerPoint presentation sharing service that lets upload and share .PPT presentations online and embed them into any webpage. It is a good alternative to other online services where you can upload and publish your documents like SlideShare but with a few notorious differences. The site is not so overloaded with lot of spam presentations and there is no intrusive ads, even for the free account.

SlideOnline - Upload, Share and View Presentations Online
Another good reason to use is that it is completely free compared with other online sharing services for presentations (at the moment the only sign up plan is the free plan).

Once you sign up for free, you can upload a PPT presentation and automatically it is queued for conversion from PPT to an online format. After a few seconds (depending on the size of the file) you will get an email with the confirmation and link to your slides. The service is still on Beta, but I was able to upload a PPT presentation for testing purposes and it was converted properly.

PowerPoint presentation - Slideonline

There are many different applications for this kind of services. Companies can use this site as a showcase of products or educators can use it as a free e-learning tool to share presentations with their students. You can also embed PowerPoint presentations in your blog or website using the embed feature.

And if you need to prepare a PowerPoint template, you can also review the existing slides to get some inspiration and why not use the download link that is available for some presentations. This allows you to download the .ppt files for the presentations that has this setting enabled, including some free PowerPoint templates.

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