Which Are The Top Five Costlier HP Toner Cartridges In Canada

Canada, like any other developed area in the world, is witnessing the increasing need of toner cartridges. It is because, nowadays, printer has become a must have for each and every office. Many of the houses are even equipped with laser printers. This makes many of the personal as well as professional works of an individual easier.

Now, the laser cartridges necessitate toners for providing prints, since, it is one of the sole components, which help in the formation of image while the prints are being taken. This huge requirement of printer cartridges has led to the emergence of a number of manufacturers and retailers of such cartridges. To name some of the top brand manufacturers of color cartridges are HP, Dell, Canon, Brother, IBM, Lexmark, Panasonic, Samsung, Oki Data etc. Among them, HP toner cartridges are quite popular in Canada.

Now, HP, being one of the famous manufacturers of such cartridges, manufactures different kinds of printer color cartridges. Those cartridges of toners vary from each other in terms of their features as well as price range. However, be it Canada or any other place of the world, the toner cartridges manufactured by this company are more or less of the same price. Still the price of the same model of a printer cartridge might differ from one shop to another. It is because the retailers and the suppliers of such cartridges always compete with each other in regards to offering any product to the customers at the lowest possible price. In spite of a slight difference in the cost of any particular product, the price range of that same product remains more or less same though.

Let us see which the costlier HP toner cartridges in Canada are. Following are the names of the top five expensive toner cartridges, which are manufactured and marketed there:

  • HP Q6470A Toner Cartridge:

    This color cartridge is compatible for the HP 3800 printer. This cartridge is capable enough of providing page yield at the rate of 5% with a page coverage of 6,000. This cartridge costs around $299.99. It is not featured with universal toner.

  • HP Q7581A Toner Cartridge:

    Featured with dedicated toner, this printer color cartridge is available at the price of about $299.99. It even provides 5 % page yield and 6,000 page coverage. This cartridge of toner can be used with the printer model HP 3800.

  • HP Q7582A Toner Cartridge:

    Apart from being compatible with HP 3800, this cartridge offers 5% page yield. Thus, you can get approximately 6,000 page coverage at $299.99. This cartridge contains dedicated toners.

  • HP Q7583A Toner Cartridge:

    This cartridge of dedicated toner comes at a price range of about $299.99. The specialty of this toner cartridge is that it gives high page yield and around 6,000 page coverage.

  • HP CE250A Toner Cartridge:

    This toner cartridge is one of the high quality HP toner cartridges. It provides approximately 5% page yield at the rate of $294.95.

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  1. Gautham Nekkanti

    My friend who lives in Canada asked me for this information, Thanks for detailed explanation i will forward it to him. How much do the they cost in bulk?

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