Difference Between [define keyword] and [define:keyword] in Google Search

It happens quite often when you visit a webpage or reading an article where you find a word that you don’t understand without using a dictionary. While there are many ways to find meanings of unknown words online, the best and the most easiest way is to use the dictionary function or define function in Google Search.

To get the definition of any word (say candid), go to Google and search the word putting define in front of it like – [define candid] or [define:candid] and the definition shows up right on top of search results page with pronunciation for it and an audio icon just beside it to hear how the word is pronounced.

candid definition in Google Search

For additional information about the word and list of web definitions click on More info >> situated on far left below the definition. Then you also have the ability to translate the word into different languages.

As you can see there are two variation of searching the word using define function, [define keyword] and [define:keyword] with colon included. Basically, [define keyword] and [define:keyword] are essentially the same query meaning both of them will get you to a definition of the word you type second in that string. Here “define” is identified as one of the search operators and the definition of the word following it will be given on top of search results page which is just the same as you would see when you search for [define:keyword]

Besides the basic definition displayed on top, the rest of the search results for these two queries differ based on whether you’ve used define: as a search operator or not. [define:keyword] would show results which include the term ‘keyword’ where as [define keyword] will show search results which include both define and ‘keyword’ in any order.

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