Get Android Mini PC RK3188 with Attractive Features

You might wonder that the Quad-core Android Mini PC RK3188 with HD video decoder is currently on sale for the bargain basement price which is very affordable for you to purchase. They are not even going to charge you shipping for sending this item to your front door. You can’t beat the price, or the shipping cost, but what exactly would you be getting from the Android 4.2 Mini PC RK3188?

To begin with, Android Mini PC RK3188 comes as an upgrade of the highly successful device Android Mini PC RK3066 reviewed by Laptop Magazine. Using this mini PC-on-a-stick you are going to receive a high definition user experience with a video decoder that can read 1080p at 60fps. You also will have a high definition video encoder that is powerful enough to read 1080p at 30 fps.

HD video

You will get one micro USB port for the OTG, and another micro USB port for your power supply cord. The micro slot card or TF card is provided with the mini PC. You will have 2GB NDD 3 and you will have 8GB of flash memory.

The Android Mini PC RK3188 can completely support a 2.4G wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard to make it easier for you to type on.

You will be getting built in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. This mini PC only weighs around 70 grams. It is small and easy to transport with you in your pocket, book bag, or purse. You will always have your mini PC with you and be able to capture all of those videos that you are currently missing when your friends do something funny.

Mini PC TV Cloud Stick

The operating system of the Android Mini PC RK3188 is an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and the central processing unit is a Quad-core 1.6GHz RK3188, ARM Cortex-A9 (28nm). This mini PC has a master frequency of 1.8GHZ and has extremely low power consumption.

You will be able to support music from an MP3 player, or WMA, or WAV, and OGG, and FLAC as well as 3GP. The video player supports MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, RM, and RMVB.

The picture gallery will support 3PG, BMP, and PNG. You will have an internet browser and can buy apps for the device in the Google play store. That means you will have access to tons of apps. The Adobe flash on the device will be V11.1 or later and it supports HTML5.

For less than eighty dollars you will have this small PC that allows you to stream movies from Netflix, and download movies, as well as upload movies. You will not need a DVD player for the car when you are taking the children on a long trip. With this little device you will be handing the children the ability to not only watch a movie, but to choose from a wide selection of movies available. With the portable DVD player you have to remember to pack along the video discs and to make sure they do not become scratched. When the car hits a bump the movie often stops playing or skips a few scenes. With the Android Mini PC RK3188 this will never happen to you again while on a road trip.

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