EagleGet, Everything, Unlocker – 3 Very Useful Free Applications for Windows

EagleGet for Faster Downloads

We download something or the other if we have internet connection and to manage those respective downloads, EagleGet download manager is the best suitable platform.
EagleGet Download Manager and Accelerator
EagleGet is totally free to download and after installing, click on Add Download, enter the respective file information which we want to download. We can decide where the downloaded file is to be saved. In the same way, required videos can be downloaded easily from any video sharing website as EagleGet features automatic detection of media content on any website. For downloading web videos we have to go to ‘Video Sniffer’ menu.

With EagleGet we can also select the video download quality and it also supports video downloads in high quality like 1080p and 720p HD videos. One more useful feature of EagleGet is we can view the download status even after closing the tool and we can easily manage the downloaded files through ‘Task Cleaner’.

EagleGet accelerates download speeds up to 6 times and is considered the best alternative to Internet Download Manager (IDM) for being much simpler and user-friendly. To know more details and download EagleGet go to EagleGet.com

Search Real-time with Everything

To search for anything in the system, there is a Search option provided in Windows OS whose shortcut is function key F3. Besides this default Windows Search feature, there are suitable search tools we can use to search the files quickly and more user-friendly and among those Everything Search Engine is very useful one for Windows.

Everything is a small application with just 334 KB file size which can be installed within no time and after being installed it reaches into the system tray. Run Everything and enter the name in the search box so that it keeps the total files and folders matching with the name before you in real-time. Then we can open any file or folder and view as if in Windows explorer. For example, to view all the FLV video files in the system, it is enough if we type .flv in the search box.

Everything Search Engine Quick Searching and Real-time updating

Download Everything from voidtools.com

Unlock All with Unlocker

We often delete unnecessary files in the system but sometimes those files will not get deleted and shows some error message. We may not be knowing how to delete undeletable or locked files but the easiest solutions is using Unlocker tool.

When unable to delete any file or folder, right-click on it and we can find Unlocker in the menu. Click on Unlocker and it shows a list of lockers accessing the file we want to delete. With a click on ‘Unlock All’ we can unlock all the connections had to the file, and then the file will be deleted without error. Using Unlocker is also the best solution to overcoming a problem ejecting USB mass storage device error. For download and more details go to emptyloop.com/unlocker/

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