f.lux Software Reduces Computer Eye Strain

Those who work more on the computer staring at the computer screen for long periods of time will face eye strain which might eventually lead to vision problems. This eye exhaustion will be aggravated even more while focusing on a computer screen with excessive brightness and contrast settings. In such circumstances, your computer’s display can be changed automatically as pleasing to the eyes using f.lux software. flux Software tweets

Using f.lux software tool is by far the simplest and best solution to prevent eye strain while using a computer. Developed by +Michael Herf and Lorna Herf, f.lux conveniently changes the computer display screen color temperature according to various timings in 24-Hour cycle. Taking into account of the present time, your specified location and lighting details as input, it changes the screen display automatically. Using f.lux is also helpful in saving laptop battery charge.

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