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We need not say especially about Rajani’s style as everybody knows about this superstar actor. Whatever he does on screen is stylish, with his unique mannerisms and stylised dialog delivery whatever he speaks is a memorable dialogue. Therefore, there is a special website dedicated to the funny truths, games and videos about Superstar Rajinikanth — www.rajinitruths.com

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Go to the website and you can find so many funny Rajini truths and his punch dialogues from various movies. The liked truths can be shared on Facebook. Here are some of the top Rajini truths which I liked:

Like for Rajinikanth, Comment for James Bond..! Holy Shit… Comment doesn’t even exist..!

Once Rajini had some birds as his pet, he taught them some of his qualities. Now they are known as the “Angry Birds

Spiderman, Superman and Batman visit Rajinikanth on every Teacher’s Day.

Rajinikanth got 150 questions in exam paper asking – “Solve any 100 questions” He solved all 150 and wrote, ” Rascalla!, CHECK ANY 100!”

0nce Rajinikanth was on hot seat of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) & the Computer needed a lifeline to choose the question!

In the swordsmanship competition, the Chinese fighter split the hair into two pieces; the Japanese fighter slit the throat of the fly. Rajinikanth swung his sword at a mosquito but it kept flying. The Japanese fighter asked laughing: “The mosquito is flying!?” Rajinikanth smiled and said, “Rasscalaa it is flying but it will never be able to become a father!” 😉

Rajini is secret of Boost’s energy & Complan is Rajini’s boy !

Rajinikanth can delete the Recycle Bin.

Once someone asked Rajnikanth: “how many jokes are made on you”. Rajnikanth answered: “2 to 3 jokes”. The person asked incredulously: “2 to 3 jokes only?” Rajini answered: “2 to 3 are jokes, rest other are facts!”

When Rajinikanth calls 100, it is to ask if everything is OK !

At Rajinitruths.com besides this largest collection of Rajini truths and facts, you can view the animation videos created on Rajinikanth and can also share them on Facebook. You can also play Rajini style games and for that go to the Games menu.

Play Revenge Of Raniji (ROR) and Hangman [Rajini] Games

Rajinikanth is humorously famous for gun firing and the first game with the name ‘Revenge Of Raniji (ROR)‘ is a gun firing game. Second game ‘Hangman Rajini‘ is a puzzle game in which you have to unveil the Rajini film name by guessing.

Besides watching videos and playing games we can also post any of our favorite dialogue in the site and for that login duly going into ‘Submit Truths’ menu.

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