How to Share Data and Files Between Computer and Mobile Phone

We definitely use both PC and mobile phone and in these two devices we use many web services like Gmail, messengers, social networks and cloud storage platform. But can we connect our computer and phone and share data between them? Yes, using Pushbullet we can connect our devices easily and share data and files fast between our computer and mobile phone. Using Pushbullet app data can be shared with an easy interface and very fast. Pushbullet - Your Devices Working Better Together - App to Share Data and Files Between Computer and Mobile Phone

To use Pushbullet in our PC, we can log into the site or install the Pushbullet desktop app. To use Pushbullet services in mobile, we have to install Pushbullet in the form of app. Go to the Google Play link and install the Pushbullet app in the android mobile. Apple users can get Pushbullet app from iTunes App Store

In the same way to access Pushbullet in Google Chrome, add the Pushbullet extension to the browser from Chrome Web Store. After this, you will find an icon symbol by the side of the address bar. In case Firefox browser is being used, in the form of browser add-on, Pushbullet can be added to the browser. Firefox users go to the link below and add Pushbullet browser extension.

Now to send any link from PC into a mobile phone, there is no need to go to mail services for emailing the link. Just click the Pushbullet icon symbol in the browser, adding the web page links in ‘Links’ section, click on ‘Push it‘ and we can access these in mobile instantly. In the same method, we can share photos, notes, addresses, to-do lists and other files. Notifications can also be managed easily. Creating the friends list, data can be shared easily.

Watch this Pushbullet overview video to learn how you can share data easily between your computer and mobile device.

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