How to Find the Best Online Backup Services spent forty hours researching the best online backup services for keeping your files safe and secure. You can use their research approach to ensure your own photos, videos and important documents are backed up securely.

Here is a rundown of what did to find the best online backup services:

The Best Online Backup Services - IDrive Online Backup, SOS Online Backup, SpiderOakONE Online Backup, Acronis Cloud Backup, CrashPlan Online Data Backup

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Avoid Tools with More Features Than You Need

They excluded file sharing and document storage systems designed for businesses if the service wasn’t focused on backups. This is a good approach because it can reduce the complexity and the costs.

Know How Much Storage You Need

The researchers looked for a minimum 1 TB of storage. Setting a storage requirement is important because more storage usually correlates to price. There are services with a unlimited storage for a set price, but you might be able to find a better deal if you can zero in on exactly how much storage you need.

Test The Customer Service Before You Need It

The reviewers made it a point to assess the information on company sites like user guides, FAQs, and instructions; and to test the responsiveness of the customer support team by sending emails and using live chat. They then ranked the companies based on their levels of support. Doing this research will saves time and stress if anything ever goes wrong.

Top-Level Security is a Must for Online Backup Services

All the companies selected as finalists had a commitment to providing robust security. Not only encryption and passwords, but also file versioning and synchronized backups to multiple sources. This level of security and redundancy should be your standard for online backup services.

Online Backup Services Should Be Easy to Use & Flexible

The more user-friendly an online backup service is, the more likely consumers are to use it. looked for online backup services that supported multiple devices on a single plan, were compatible with different operating systems, offered a useful mobile app, and also worked well via desktop or browser.

IDrive Online Backup for Your Mobile Devices

Backup all your PCs, Macs, and Mobile Devices

Final Check to Find the Best Online Backup Services: How Fast Are Uploads

If you’re going to regularly backup a lot of data, then upload speed is an important consideration. The reviewers tested 100 MB and 1 GB uploads on each of their finalist and ranked the online backup services based on speed. It makes sense to use the backup services with the fasted upload speeds, so you know that your files are making it to the cloud, and don’t have to worry that you’ve got incomplete or out-of-date backups. Make sure you do your own tests with file sizes equivalent to what you’d typically use.

Good Research Will Save You

This research may seem excessive, but keep in mind the value of what you’re protecting. Take the time to thoroughly research online backup services for yourself or you may find yourself losing key files or having sensitive information exposed. A good online backup service will reduce your risk and make life easier, it’s worth it to take the time and make an informed decision.

IDrive Online Backup Service Supports Multiple Device Backup into One Account

After all the research into the best online backup services, IDrive Earns Top Spot.

With 5 GB storage space + 5 GB sync space free for life, larger cloud storage plans starting at 1 TB storage + 1 TB sync space, multiple device backup into one account, military grade security, local backup, social media backup, server and database backup features, IDrive is the overall best online backup solution in 2016
IDrive Online Backup Service - One Stop Backup Solution for Digital Lives
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