Review of iCare Data Recovery Free – 100% Free Data Recovery Software

Hello, everyone there! Recently, iCare Recovery has released a 100% free data recovery software called iCare Data Recovery Free to help people recover photos, PDF/PPT/Word/Text documents, videos, audios and more files from external or internal hard drive, USB drive, Micro SD card, SD card, CF card, memory card and emptied Recycle Bin, etc. Unlike the previous free version which helps recover 1GB of deleted or lost data for free, this newly published free version always help recover unlimited lost data for free after mistaken delete or format.

Overview of iCare Data Recovery Free – 100% Free iCare Data Recovery Software to Retrieve Data for Free

As its name indicates, iCare Data Recovery Free is completely free data recovery software that is able to help people scan and recover deleted, missing, inaccessible, invisible or lost files from different camera, mobile phone, tablet and computer storage devices, including the common USB hard disks, flash drives, SSD, Micro SD or SD memory cards, surely 100% for free, after accidental delete, shift delete, format, reformat, RAW format error, not formatted error, corrupted device problems and more. And, there is no any limit in the data size that can be recovered.

iCare Data Recovery Free - Deleted File Recovery and Advanced File Recovery scan modes

iCare Data Recovery Free Scan Modes – Deleted File Recovery and Advanced File Recovery

With its effectively Deleted File Recovery and Advanced File Recovery modes, the users always can easily cope with most of the hard drive or memory card data loss troubles smoothly.

Overview of iCare Data Recovery Pro – Professional Data Recovery Solution for Windows.

iCare Data Recovery Pro Boxshot Differently from the iCare Data Recovery Free, iCare Data Recovery Pro is a paid version which needs a code to help people finish a complete data recovery.

With its three well-designed data recovery modes, like Deleted File Recovery, Deep Scan Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery modes, this data recovery software will not only help retrieve data from the common hard drive and memory card, and also is able to help take lost data from computer hard drive partitions that is deleted, formatted, reformatted, virus infected, missing, corrupted or unrecognized.

Three Well-Designed Data Recovery Scan Modes of iCare Data Recovery Pro - Deleted File Recovery, Deep Scan Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery.

Three Well-Designed Data Recovery Modes of iCare Data Recovery Pro – Deleted File Recovery, Deep Scan Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery.

Moreover, with a wonderful Deep Scan Recovery mode which always help scan the selected storage device thoroughly and rescue the lost data as much as possible, this Pro version often help cope with nearly all possible storage device data loss troubles. In addition, in order not to cause any unwanted problems, an iCare Data Recovery Pro trial version, which is able to perform a deep scan and recover 20MB of lost data for free, is also offered for any user to do a free evaluation about whether this pro version works for his data loss case before any purchase.

iCare Data Recovery Free Pros and Cons

Why you are supposed to use iCare Data Recovery Free:

  • It is easy to use and offers many user-friendly hotkeys and features.
  • It helps recover unlimited lost data for free.
  • It helps cope with most of hard drive or memory card related data loss troubles.
  • It helps recover data from USB hard drives, pen drives, Micro SD, SD, CF, TF, Mini SD and more memory cards.
  • It works well under all Windows operating system environments, like Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 or more versions.


  • iCare Data Recovery Free offers no Lost Partition Recovery and Deep Scan Recovery modes as the iCare Data Recovery Pro does.
  • It does not support Mac computers.

Here’s a video tutorial showing how to recover deleted files using iCare Data Recovery Free:

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