Import OLM to Thunderbird Directly – Simplest Way Described Here

Amongst the innumerable number of emailing applications available out there for users, only a few are considered by an intellect range of users because not all applications serve convenience to all types of users because the choice of every user differs from one to the other. Meanwhile, with the developments discovered in technological field also has its effect on the preferences made by users for the selection of email clients as well as, to the software applications used for switching the same email application. Outlook 2011 email client is designed specifically for the user of Mac operating systems to provision them with the ability of experiencing smooth emailing. Even though, Outlook 2011 for Mac has a range of advanced capabilities, there are still some set of users who go for Windows over Mac OLM mailbox. At such circumstances, the same users enquire as to how to open OLM file on Windows operating systems due to the confusion they have regarding the operability of OLM file on any other platform than Apple, Mac.

Why Do You Want To Know How To Import OLM To Thunderbird for Windows?

There are some disadvantages associated with the Mac operating systems that just does not let its operators be at complete convenience because there is some or the other disadvantage or drawback associated to the Mac OS that bothers either type of users for sure.

  • One cannot put together a Mac system since; Apple Corporation has not given the license to any other organization to produce the hardware’s that are usable under the Mac Operating system.
  • The influence of Microsoft Windows operating systems has been so much in the industry that software-developing organizations have tools that are supportive to any version of Windows but not that of Mac, which makes it difficult for Mac users to survive.
  • The pricing of Mac OS as well as software solutions designed supporting it are quite high than an application must cost normally which makes it difficult for organization to balance their expenditure and budget.
  • These systems are mostly appropriate for designers and not other types of users.

In addition, in such circumstances, applications like BitRecover OLM Converter Wizard come for the rescue of users by letting them know how to open OLM file on Windows operating system in the form of Thunderbird mailbox. The application is suggested here for the purpose because, a high range of users have accepted it agreeably for the conversion of OLM to Thunderbird.
BitRecover Software. OLM to Thunderbird Converter. Import OLM to Thunderbird Directly

Expert Solution to Import OLM to Thunderbird

OLM Converter Wizard is programmed in such a way that it easily import OLM to Thunderbird directly. The utility is simple, easy, as well as interactive to use. The application does not require any external application to execute the data migration procedure. The tool is operable on all Windows OS both 32 and 64-bit. The software maintains the data integrity in exact form after migration to Mozilla Thunderbird format. The tool does not impose any file size limitation to migrate the data from OLM to Thunderbird.

Wrapping Up

In the above-discussion, we have described a complete and error-free solution to open OLM files on Windows Thunderbird. The software is an error-free solution to move all the data from OLM in Mozilla Thunderbird.

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