5 Legit Reasons For Learning Penetrating Testing

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Ethical Hacking also knew as Penetrating Testing in the professional front. Millions of people are taking the course of ethical hacking, and the majority of the masses don’t know much about it. Everyone focuses too much on the business and Engineering courses.

It doesn’t matter if you are pursuing a Degree or Engineering or completed the education. I can count hundreds of reasons why everyone must learn or earn a penetration certificate. 5 legit reasons why you should learn penetrating testing are: Knowledge, Demand, Jobs, Freelancing, and Salary.

5. Knowledge

Millionaires and Billionaires made it to the top because they read a lot of books, even if they are not part of the subject. Learning about ethical hacking adds greater value to personal knowledge, and it can take any individual to another level.

The world is moving into the digital world, and a number of people are not aware of the online threats. You gain the knowledge to secure yourself from the online threats, and it implies to others as well. Adding the ethical hacking course to your resume can help you advance your career and be eligible for more jobs. There is a popular saying, and it is “Knowledge is key to success.

Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of time attending classes and spend years on it. Many online companies like Alpine Security provide classes and guarantee that you will make it through the exam.

4. Demand

Online threats are increasing every single day, and the world news channel reported that there had been $400 billion worth of damages around the world.

Many companies no longer rely on the security program designed by reputed companies: hackers and online invaders spending plenty of time on the applications and online products to find vulnerabilities.

Once the hackers identify the loophole, and they don’t waste any time to strike the ball. We have seen growth in the hacking process in the last five years, and the latest development Ransomware affected millions of business people.

Silicon Valley and business people are the main targets because the laptops & hard drives contain more information than any other personal computer.

So the demand of the penetrating testers has increased because it cost very less in getting the applications and online products checked for loopholes.

3. Jobs

Several software companies established in the market because they are getting a lot of calls to check the small or big organizations servers and products for loopholes. Everyone is online nowadays, from shopping online to book a hotel online. Everyone wants the site to be safe and does not contain any vulnerabilities.

The number of jobs has increased and there are so many vacancies around the world because there are very few candidates for the job. Of course, it will be a matter of time, when the world is hunting for ethical hacking jobs.

Before the demand decreases due to too many candidates available for the job, and it’s better to secure a position and fame in the industry.

2. Freelancing

I lost the count of people, who don’t like to work for someone and they want to be the boss of themselves. The world of freelancing does not end at all because many “work from home” individuals are doing extremely well compared to the job holders. Yes, it is an excellent option for candidates that don’t prefer to work for someone else.

However, the penetrating testers have to work around with the online profile because you have to reach the clients, and create a wider connection to make the impossible possible. Freelancing does not give you merits in the first month because the candidate has to create a masterpiece to highlight to the clients.

It might take some time for the candidates to build a strong online profile with a proper number of clients.

1. Salary

Of course, you have to spend a little bit of money to pay for the course and exam fees.

Once you make it through the exams and pass with a certificate in your hands, then you can earn a decent salary that will compensate all. Yes, you have to be smart enough to make it in the big leagues, but the beginners will get above $20,000 per annum.

The salary is enough to cover the exam fee and course fee, and the candidate will get compensated within a few months of time.


We know that passion is an important aspect than money because the candidate has to go through many obstacles to reach the gold. Let us know what do you think about penetrating testing in the comment section below.

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