8D Audio: The Future of Music Technology

One of the biggest audio and music trends that emerged (or re-emerged, more about that in a bit) recently is 8D audio. Playlists dedicated to this type of sound are everywhere from YouTube to Spotify, and the list is growing. Audiophiles and aspiring producers are taking a crack at the 8D audio trend by transforming top hits and classic favorites to 8D versions. Now what is this type of sound and why is it taking over the music scene? Let’s find out.

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (8D AUDIO)

8D Audio Defined

According to most sources, 8D audio is a sound with the illusion of it coming from multiple directions or “8 dimensions” when listening to it with headphones on. Fans often describe the 8D experience as mind-blowing music that is swirling over their head. Some listeners also liken it to being in a live concert of the artist they are listening to. But is 8D sound as revolutionary as it appears to be?

Its Predecessors and Comeback

Have you ever heard of the saying “Everything old is new again”? Well, it applies to 8D audio as well. This sound effect existed as early as the 1970s and was initially called Ambisonics. To put it simply, it runs on the idea that you can create a three-dimensional sound by recording it using real or virtual microphones coming from different directions. This audio treatment has come and go over time with some technological improvements in its resurgence. Other terms used for this type of sound over the years include 3D audio (during its first comeback in the nineties) and binaural recording.

Other Uses for 8D Audio

Aside from the popular music playlists, 8D music and sounds are used a lot in PC and console games. This audio effect aids gamers to really get into the atmosphere of what they are playing. Another great use of 8D audio is in virtual reality (VR) technology. Like video games, this technique elevates the VR experience through multiple sound layers and sources which helps in making what you see through your box or device come to life.

Using 8D Audio for Your Real Estate Website

The power of 8D extends beyond music production and gaming. Real estate websites can especially use this type of audio to create a fuller experience for their visitors. Incorporating 8D music and sounds in a 360-degree virtual tour is a great way of showcasing a property or venue aside from the usual photos and videos. These audio effects will make your site’s design and content more dynamic and immersive, setting it apart from the rest of the pack. With 8D, you can transport your audience to the venue no matter where they are.


Critics may argue that 8D audio technology is not an entirely new concept. However, new audio software and the way it brings the concert experience closer to a new generation of enthusiasts makes it an upgrade from its previous incarnations. If you are a real estate professional or company, this might be the solution that you are looking for if you want more interactive ways to present your properties and other content.

This article is written by YouTubetoMP3Shark for Tech-Wonders.com.

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