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Over the last couple of years, video content consumption has increased greatly. It’s not looking like it is going to slow down in 2019 either. Simply put, consumers live video content and they will immerse themselves in for hours on top of hours. This comes with good reason because video content is not only more engaging, but it is more informative. Sometimes trying to explain something to someone using words can be difficult. This is especially true when there is a lot of technical lingo involved. On the other hand, showing someone how to do or operate something is much more effective for both the video maker and the recipient. That being said if you are looking to take your video marketing to the next level, you will want to apply the following strategies.

Know Your Audience

There is no denying that consumers are hungry for content, but they are only hungry for content that they are specifically interested in. You need to make sure that your video targets your potential customers and includes content that they are looking for. When you increase the usefulness and relevance of your marketing content with software like ThoughtSpot, you will attract more of the right kinds of shoppers that want to join your brand.

Take Advantage Of Analytical Software

You can invest in analytical and metric software to help examine past customer data to help you uncover crucial insights about your current audience. This software will help you discover more information about your customers. You will literally get to see which parts of your videos and website are more attractive to your audience. With targeted content, you will also have the advantage of encouraging more social activity.

Of course, you will need a video for that to promote your business. As for video creator options, we can recommend that the Swish video maker app is a must for anyone interested in creating a video with a simple format and fashion. This video maker app will make the job quick and easy.

Best Video Maker App for Small Businesses in 2019 - Swish
Best Video Maker App – Swish

Tell Relatable Stories

This strategy kind of falls in line with the first strategy, but it works on somewhat of a different level. It falls in line with knowing your audience but relates to them on a different level. This story strategy allows you to create video and content that relates to your audience. By creating videos like this, you can show how your products and services can solve your customer’s problems.

In addition to this, it will relate to them on an emotional level so it will really hit home with most consumers. Most consumers in today’s time just aren’t interested in logos of flashy signs and this is how stories can be more effective. Humans use stories every day to understand things and there is where you can use them to turn leads into hard sales.

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