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New is not always better. You have probably noticed that many electronics manufacturers offer renewed versions of their previously used products. If you, like many, think it’s like buying garbage that will only last a couple of weeks (or even days) we’ll show you why you’re wrong. The sale of used laptops could be the best option for those who really need a different solution to the usual ones.

If you are currently thinking about buying a laptop, but you are not interested in paying much, a really smart option is to buy a previously used computer or laptop. Many consumers are reluctant to buy a used laptop fearing that it may stop working soon after buying it or that the price makes it too good to be true. These are just a couple of myths that come with the purchase of a “recycled” laptop. As for a cost-benefit analysis, the vast majority of people would actually be favored if they bought a used or refurbished laptop.

The advantages are numerous and then we will explain the main ones.


Similar to buying a used car, the cost of buying a laptop or computer used is the main point of sale. Simply browsing the selection of laptop used for both used HP laptop and any other brand will show you that prices are drastically reduced. For users of workstations or PCs, you will find approximately half of the prices and for business laptops, you could even find an impressive brand reduction of up to 80%.

There are no unnecessary complements

When computer manufacturers market their laptops, they talk a lot about all the “necessary” features and update options. For most computer users, this is simply unnecessary and one ends up paying for something that is not in their best interest to buy. The capabilities and design of a slightly more recent model are usually a marketing gimmick and not something that will really be noticed.

No compatibility problems

Many people fear that when they buy a used laptop, everything will be outdated and there will be many problems with compatibility for its various programs. This is simply not the case. The rate of change in the notebook industry is so high that software companies simply choose to stay on the sidelines. The vast majority of programs and applications that will be used are completely compatible with older models. If you have previously found yourself in a situation of extreme stress regarding programs, software and applications to update, you will know what we mean. The sale of used laptops eliminates this problem.

Used does not mean old

When people throw away their laptops, it is impossible to predict the exact reason, but that reason can not necessarily be because it is garbage altogether. Most of the laptops used come from companies that are updating all their systems. This means that these refurbished laptops are high performance machines that may not have any problems at all. When it comes to consumer electronics, there are a number of people who prefer to stay ahead of the curve and always have the latest laptops available. Sometimes people throw away their desktop or laptop computer when there is a small problem that can be easily solved by the manufacturers or even by specialized technicians.

When you buy these machines from a professional and ethical supplier, such as SellBroke, you can be sure that they have gone through a thorough inspection process to make sure they are in good working order. We would not sell you something that we ourselves did not use.


One thing that can really limit our consumption of greenhouse gases and reduce our carbon footprint comes from the products we consume. Like the purchase of any second-hand product, the purchase of a used laptop makes use of valuable resources that otherwise accumulate in a waste or compost of electronic waste. As this is perpetuated, the demand for laptops increases and manufacturers increase the supply. Operating with greater demand implies more waste and burning of fossil fuels. It only makes sense to reuse something salvageable and why not electronics? The sale of used laptops it simply decreases a bit the large amount of electronic waste that we are currently causing. If you want to support with your bit, maybe this option is for you. Imagine if we all recycled the devices that in one way or another are not useful, but would be useful for someone else the world would be totally different!

It is a sustainable business model

Following along that line, the idea that one man’s trash can be another’s treasure just screams the truth, resulting in the phenomenon of sales, where families and pawning households no longer need, making how many dollars of the elements without use.

Who sells your used computer is making a little extra money. And one can always use a little extra money. Even if you are not the one who is in charge of selling used laptops, but buying, you are actually saving money from your pocket that you can occupy in something else. See this as a very wise and effective investment: why spend thousands of pesos on a laptop or a complete computer system, if you can get the same features at a much more generous price?

In addition, and as if that were not enough, you are supporting local commerce. That is, yes, technology comes from outside, but the idea of recycling and technical assistance is totally Mexican and even close to you. A successful economy is one that stays in motion. Since you are helping the planet you could also help the growth of society!

Compensate for the high costs of new computers

Following the previous point, a used laptop would be simply forgotten in a room, full of dust, so when you sell, you are making useful a product that generates updates on your own system. That is to say that by continuing to consume their programs, the product (whether HP, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, etc.) continues to develop. It is inevitable the improvement of electronic devices (which is also very beneficial, since they make our lives easier) but at least we can say that as a version is fully functional and highly demanded in the public, the improvement takes time to arrive. In other words, less resources are used (energy and materials, above all) to create something new that marketing “tells us” what we need.

You get parts and fixes much more easily

Not because your laptop or desktop is defective, but because in case that after some time of rough use, it is necessary to update its parts, you will not have to make tantrums because the computer is “so new” that there are no spare parts available, or way to migrate the information. If the sale of used laptops serves a business purpose for you, surely you know that in the business world is essential to stay active with a laptop. It is not possible to take weeks to find the solution of a new software or a missing piece. It is simply inadmissible.

And if your work is rather remote or freelance, there is no chance to take “some vacation days” for lack of cutting-edge technological solutions. The laptops used with details to solve provide speed to be interfered with. And without a doubt, its capacity can be as fast and as vast as that of a new laptop or desktop computer, with the latest innovative features.

The new technology requires direct financing

That is to say that many times, technological advances are financed by first-timers, those who are willing to spend extraordinary amounts of money to have innovation before it, the most avant-garde. Therefore, any device and technology recently launched, is very expensive. And repeatedly it has been proven that these first users realize that the computer, laptop, tablet or other, has problems related to design and creation which is no longer the case with the sale of used laptops. You can rest easy because there’s no way you’re part of that test group that technology developers take at the beginning of the releases.

If you are still not convinced that this is the best option for you, we challenge you to check our theory. Come to us and ask about our models and equipment. You will see with joy that in fact the option of laptops and desktops is much more practical, useful, accessible and convenient than buying expensive and even problematic systems.

Communicate with us today and we will gladly give you the relevant information, according to your work and entertainment needs. Not only are you satisfying them but also supporting the local economy and recycling. Three birds with one shot!

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