4 Ways How Magnetism Is Changing Our Lives

Vintage Audio Cassette Tapes Magnet

Modern man’s play with the magnet has been exciting. Magnets have played a significant role in technology ever since its advent. In fact, it has been around for over two thousand years now.

One of its earliest uses was in the seafarers compass. In the modern times right from audio cassettes of the 1970s to the smart magnetic devices of the twenty first century, the use of magnets has increased exponentially.

1. In Medicine

Magnetic Field, The Power Of Magnetism Used to Eradicate Cancer Cells.

From magnetic shoe soles to MRI scans to use of the magnetic properties in the alternative medicine, the versatility of this ‘stone’ is increasing every day. It is said that even the ancient world used the properties of magnetism to find cure for some of the illness prevalent during those times.

Studies are underway to understand the use of magnetism in the field of cancer related cells. Research has also suggested that magnets can be used to control parts of the brain and in the process alter the ethical or behavioral patterns of an individual. Although, we are not sure if magnets have a major contribution towards genetic engineering but let’s see what they can do already.

2. The Breakthrough in Transportation

Shanghai Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) Train

The latest innovation in the field of transportation is the high-speed train that uses the concept of ‘magnetic levitation’. A breakthrough idea that harnesses the power of magnetic properties, it can change the way people travel.

An idea that was discovered in 1902 but dropped as it seemed impractical then; today the maglev concept is gaining momentum and is seen as the future of transportation.

3. Electronic Devices and Appliance

Closed Up Photography of Brown Wooden Framed Sony Speaker. Amplifier, Audio, Electronics, Loudspeaker, Music Speaker, Sound, Speaker.
Sony Speaker

A major area where the use of magnet and its properties has been obvious is the field of electronics. Right from the CD drive, microphones or even the speakers used by DJs, magnet is a part of our everyday life. With the new age, magnetic materials are making into the market, the use of smart magnet devices and products will not only bring in innovation to the field of electronics and communication but also to other fields such as sports, art or even the products such as kid toys. The power of magnetism is such that it can even be used to control the sound and heat particles.

4. Wind and Power Energy

Maglev Wind Turbine, Magnetic Wind Turbine.
Maglev Wind Turbine | Image Source: inhabitat.com

Future uses of magnetism in the areas of power generation seem to be coming soon. The magnetic levitation technology can help improve the efficiency of wind turbine and reduce cost as well.

There are a growing number of researches that is being done in various aspects of magnetism. And the possibilities seem endless. A number of scientists from around the world seem to dream big and bizarre when it comes to the applications of magnetism in the future. Floating cars, boosting a space shuttle, making space travel commercial are just a few in the pipeline.

With so much of research that is carried out in different parts of the world, the scope of magnetism is widening.

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