5 Reasons Why Apple’s iPhone Rules in the US

Apple iPhone 11 RED Close-up

Hey Siri, who rules the Smartphone market in the US?

It’s a question that has only one answer – Apple’s iPhone! Steve Jobs’ legacy continues. The company is dominating in the States more than ever. According to iPhone statistics, 83% of American teenagers use this phone in their daily activities. It seems like there’s no other option for them.

Why is it like this? Why does the Apple iPhone dominate the US smartphone market? Here are 5 reasons why the Americans in general and the youth especially love iPhones!

1. It’s simple to use

Until today, there’s no other phone out there that’s more easy to use than the iPhone. If you’ve been using it forever, you probably remember how the icons on the main screen looked back then. There’s so little change in the interface that it’s almost unbelievable.

All companies tend to implement certain modifications to keep users surprised and joyful, but Apple seems to be doing completely the opposite.

Their logic is obviously to keep the same interface because it gives their users the simplicity and easiness of operating the phone. One of the most annoying things in new items is learning how everything works. The iPhone is not having this problem because it is literally too simple for anyone to be confused.

The competition, mostly Android, has so many apps that no one actually knows why they exist. People buy new Android phones and never open some of the apps that are already installed on their phone.

2. It is the fastest smartphone in the world

According to the tests made by Geekbench 4, the iPhone’s processor is the fastest one out there. The overall performance of the model XS was measured to 11.420 points while Samsung’s S10 Plus, who ranked second, had 10.732. Google’s Pixel 3 was far behind with 7.316.

This is very important in today’s trending technologies. The ability to play online videos, use Virtual Reality apps, and many other features offer a much better experience on the Apple’s iPhones than anything else out there.

Compared to other models, there’s no way an app can crash or be slow. If you’ve ever used some other operative system, you know how annoying it can be when an app crashes right in the middle of doing something. This will never happen while using an iPhone.

3. It represents a certain status

Having an iPhone is no longer owning a useful device for talking to someone and surfing the net. It has become a part of a specific group that wants to represent themselves with a certain status.

The millennials are still exploring their options when they are in search for a new smartphone, but for Generation Z, there’s almost no other option when it comes to choosing a smartphone. The reason for this is that iPhones now represent a certain status symbol among the people of this generation. If you don’t own an iPhone, you’re not cool enough.

It’s the same with some other products, like the Air Jordan shoes that were a must for every young basketball player when Michael Jordan was a star. Having an iPhone today is a necessity, and everyone who does not own one is often considered not educated enough in the field of smartphone technology.

Another important thing here is that every single celebrity and social network influencers take their pictures with an iPhone. This is not just because of the great camera, which is probably the best one in the world, but it represents status. It makes the picture complete when the viewer sees the Apple image on the back of the case when celebrities take their selfies.

4. It is safe

There’s a report published on Forbes, which says that 97% of the malware in the world is created for Android. In other terms, owning an iPhone gives you less than a 3% chance to be attacked by hackers.

The different operating systems and all the security that Apple implements in every new model coming out on the market make it even more secure from hackers. A standard feature for the new model is fingerprint recognition, which is excellent for keeping your data safe. No one else can enter and use it without your permission.

Also, if the phone gets lost or stolen, it can be tracked down within minutes no matter where it is in the world. This has become a standard part of many other models because it turned out that it gives great results. Even if the police aren’t necessary to be involved, there are now tracking apps that use satellites to do this for you. If you are sure that you’ve lost your phone, just download an app at your friend’s phone and locate your own using the special code written on the packing case.

5. It has some of the best apps in the world

App developers are separated into two main groups – Apple developers and Android developers. It doesn’t mean that one is forbidden to work in both places, but in general, the skilled and experienced ones are focused on one platform mainly.

The difference between them is that the iPhone app developers are different than the others. They have a certain different way of thinking, and their money is set to a different frequency when creating apps is in question.

The reason for this is that iPhones and the Apple operating system are a lot different than any other out there. That’s why they manage to create apps that are unique and special. iPhone users find lots of value in this field. One of the reasons why so many people in the States choose iPhones, is because of the unique apps that are accessible.


Apple holds around 12.4% of the entire smartphone market. In the US, it holds around 45% according to the latest data. The reason for this vast difference can be located in many places, but the obvious dominance of the iPhone in the States is not going to stop over time.

According to Statista, this number is not going to drop at least until 2021. Having in mind the fact that over 83% of Gen Z owns an iPhone and is not even considering getting something else, it’s clear that Apple can continue working hard on their best selling item.

Red iPhone 11 Close-up Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash.

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