How Does TikTok Work?

TikTok Tips and Tricks

TikTok is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment. There’s a reason for that. TikTok is competing with the big social media apps boasting 500 million active users worldwide. It is the hottest new thing and the online place to be. You may be wondering what these millions of people are actually doing and how you can get in on the action.

The new social media sensation, TikTok, is a video sharing platform. Users create videos under 60 seconds long and share them on their profile. The video could be of anything, such as stunts or comedy, but some of the most well-known TikTok videos include lip-syncing to music along with a dance. These dances become trends and before you know it thousands of people are creating and posting the dance.

There are the same follow and like interactions as on other social media apps, such as Instagram and Facebook. If you like what you see, you can double-tap the video to heart it. The video will be saved onto your like page where you can rewatch all the videos you’ve ever liked. If you want to see more of the user’s content you can follow them so TikTok will show you more of what they upload. Your home page is your ‘For You’ page where TikTok will recommend you content they think you will like based on what you have liked before. The use of hashtags identifies content and makes videos more searchable if they use popular hashtags. It’s easier to start trends when you use an accompanying hashtag that others can use too.

Just like many other social media platforms, TikTok produces influencers. These are users with a huge following. Celebrities, brands and influencers from other social media sites have profiles and bring their followers with them. Some users create their following on TikTok alone. Charli D’Amelio has had one of the biggest rises to fame through the app. She has 41.4 million followers and she’s only 15! Her content style focuses on dancing to popular songs. There are many others like her.

Creating a following on social media tends to be a combination of consistent content, getting involved with trends and luck. With 500 million users, there are 500 million people to watch your content and 500 million other people’s content competing with yours to be seen. On massive social media apps, creating content isn’t always enough for your profile to grow and stand out from among the millions. Some websites can help you gain followers and become more successful. They get genuine accounts to like your content and follow your profile. If you are set on becoming a TikTok influencer, you may want to consider getting an extra boost to stand out from among the crowd.

Clearly, TikTok has the potential to create a powerful following for an influencer. Their popularity can open up opportunities for them. The influencer has millions of people watching them and therefore an audience to make money off. TikTok management agencies, like the ones for Instagram and YouTube influencers, are already springing up to promote their talent and make the most of the audience influencers have access to. These management teams make deals between brands who want promotion on TikTok and influencers who have an audience the brand can be promoted to. With the huge growth of the app which has a younger user base than other apps like Facebook, companies want to use the platform to access its users.

TikTok itself hasn’t ignored the money-making potential of its huge audience. As we have seen before with popular social media platforms, they have their own advertising scheme where brands can promote themselves on TikTok. This goes beyond simple display ads. Brands can create their own videos, hashtags and stickers, allowing brands to get involved with what trends on the app instead of just what users are forced to see.

The trend of TikTok doesn’t look like it will die down anytime soon. Whether it has the lasting power of other social media is yet to be seen but it holds the attention of millions at the moment. If you are looking to showcase your latest joke or your newest dance, TikTok is the place to go for fresh content.

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