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If you are making a mobile application, the objective is to make it go viral. By turning it into a web sensation, it’ll be known by various individuals so that they can pick up interest in it and download it. However, the only way your application will get plenty of downloads is to make it useful yet easy to use.

The app should be unique and engaging. It should draw in individuals to download it and make use of it over the long haul. It’s no doubt that every mobile app developer hopes to have their application become famous among smartphone users.

Make Sure It Leaves an Impression

First and foremost, your mobile application has to have an edge. It should have a unique aspect that sets it apart from other applications. If your app is just like any other, it will not likely gain popularity. Ensure your app is unique from other mobile apps. Hence, you need to focus more on the development stage of the mobile application.

Making sure your app is top-notch would incur many expenses. The integration points you put in and the cost of using smartphone hardware features is only the start of your spending. Developing your app would cost a lot, especially if you don’t have any financial backers.

But even though the cost of mobile app development is high, the work and finances you put in while developing your app to its optimum potential will be worth it once it becomes popular.

Get Influencers Talking About It

Influencers have a large following due to the effects of the age of social media. Simply get the perfect individual to promote your mobile application to let it gain interest. Influencers are available in all the fields that may help you. A good word from an influencer can persuade their supporters to know about the application and serve as social credibility.

On the off chance that they agree to promote your application, smartphone users will most likely take an interest, giving your application a bigger crowd. Moreover, these influencers also need to hold up their image, so note that they might only promote practical applications. Lastly, getting the appropriate influencer is also vital.

Submit Your App to App Review Sites

After reviewing a couple of applications, most mobile app review sites generally publish the results of all the applications that they’ve tried out. The reviews work as some sort of online exposure as numerous individuals may come across them while surfing the web. If you are confident that your app has many good highlights, trust that review sites will promote it while showing their readers the helpful features your app has.

Nonetheless, you should also understand that an app review can be a double-edged sword. The review will bring to light all of your app’s downsides, which can potentially eliminate people’s interest.

Make Your App Easy to Share

The primary objective of viral advertising is to make individuals share a snippet of data with each other. For this reason, you need to incorporate social sharing capacities in your app. When users accomplish a specific achievement, encourage them to share it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

Another choice is to give in-app compensations to individuals who share the application. Depending on the type of application, users typically gather some points, such as coins and points in gaming apps.

Create an Anticipation Factor

People despise losing significantly more than they relish winning. Essentially, we have more inclination to be part of all that is extraordinary than acting as a spectator. Numerous viral apps use this mental shortcoming to increase downloads by building high expectations through restricted admittance.

People just hate missing out, so they always try to be on top of everything that gains popularity. Thus, a good strategy would be to tell users that your mobile application will be accessible on a specific date. However, there is a limit to how many can access the app. On the off chance that they don’t download the app before time runs out, they’ll miss out on the fun!

Research the Target Audience

To effectively promote your mobile app, you need to thoroughly investigate your intended interest group and their wants and needs. Knowing your target audience will help you make relevant content that they would likely use.

Be active in forums and communities to discover where your possible users convene. Know what kind of applications they currently use and their present demands to create a useful demographic profile. Once you have a demographic profile in place, you can effectively make appropriate content to get the optimum commitment and reach.

Create an Online Presence

On the off chance that nobody knows about your app, you might be wondering how it will become viral. One of the effective methods of spreading familiarity with mobile applications is through online presence.

All things considered, most of your potential users are over the web, so it helps to promote online. You can create a landing page or website to promote your mobile application. If creating a site yourself is too much of a hassle, you can purchase a ready-made site template online. You can then begin to spread the word about your mobile app through these platforms.

Cover All the Leading App Stores

Uploading your mobile application only on the Apple Store or Google Play Store isn’t sufficient. You need to disperse the application to various application stores. You can pick the areas you need to target and get your mobile app highlighted in alternative application stores, such as Opera Mobile Store, Microsoft Store, Amazon App Store, and Xiaomi App Store.

In the application advancement hierarchy, appropriate your application on various application stores to acquire an edge over contenders. Note that freebies would draw in just about anyone, and the same is true for your application.

Alternative application stores, for example, the Amazon App Store, allows you to list the paid application for free on the app’s initial release. The strategy assists in giving more exposure to the app and increasing the download volume.


Because of the degree of rivalry in the mobile app development industry, promoting your application has become as challenging as planning and developing them. There are currently countless applications available, and you need to promote your app to be recognized. Fortunately, there are many easy and cost-efficient ways to make your app popular in a matter of minutes.

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