What is Compliance Call Recording and Why is it of Great Importance for Your Organization?

Compliance Call Recording

Compliance call recording is a standard practice of making your call recordings conform to local and international laws. Call recording compliance laws touch all businesses in every sector across the globe and cannot be ignored.

Atmos by CallCabinet is a call compliance software integration that protects your business and customers. Also, it offers features such as AI-analytics, enhanced cloud security, and speech-to-text transcription.

Learn more about compliance call recording to achieve higher security standards.

Compliance Call Recording

Each industry has its own specific compliance standards and protocols. No business can afford to ignore call compliance laws, yet many small and even some prominent organizations choose to disregard these regulations.

Tuning out compliance requirements is done at a company’s own peril. When a suit is filed against an organization, the court will examine call recordings to accurately discern who said what during the dispute. Merely having recordings of customer calls is usually insufficient for a legal proceeding.

An understanding of applicable compliance laws is critical; this ensures that a company is accountable to itself and protects the company from spiraling non-compliance fines. The cost of call compliance pales in comparison to legal fees, fines, and damages from verdicts.

Compliance Call Recording for Business

Compliance Call Recording

Cybersecurity is a prominent issue, especially regarding call recordings and the vulnerable customer data they contain. Every industry has rules about how this call data must be collected, handled, and stored.

From GDPR to PCI-DSS compliance, the purpose of integrating with CallCabinet’s platform is to bring your operation into full compliance within your industry, which protects you and your customers.

All businesses, regardless of size, should invest in compliance integrations and forego trying to custom-design a call compliance platform. Utilizing an existing compliant call recording solution saves money and allows the company to spend more time on business development than resolving disputes.

Maintaining best practices with a call compliance solution prevents worrying about legal issues that come without proper call recording storage and access permissions.

Compliance Call Recording and AI

Integrations for compliance call recording work more effectively with AI-powered features. AI allows a company to extract hidden data from call recordings through voice and speech analysis.

AI also offers advanced analytics that tracks how well your call center, agency, or company is operating. Analytics can draw insight directly from your customers and enhance the efficiency of your business.

Modern call recording technology is all about refining the customer experience. Depending on your integration and available features, you may have access to more in-depth data.

Gathering and processing this data helps you approach the customer experience with an informed perspective. Crafting the customer experience to their specific needs. It’s wise to use AI to offer your customers the information and service they deserve.

Compliance Call Recording Security

Compliance Call Recording

Your industry’s regulations layout data security and regulatory law compliance needs for your company’s call recording practices. These laws vary, not only across industries but geographically as well.

The Atmos by CallCabinet integration comes pre-loaded with quality control applications that reveal useful customer data in all industries. These applications can be further customized to net the maximum relevant data from your call volume.

Global compliance laws are constantly updated and amended. Keeping your compliance solution up-to-date can become an issue when your organization has a large number of employees. A cloud-based compliance call recording software integration can help you stay current with your industry’s regulations because by design it’s updated from the software developer’s end.

A single compliance failure could wind up being very expensive due to fines and potential legal costs. Combining a compliance call recording solution with best internal practices can protect you and even increase your revenue through improved agent performance.

Common Compliance Laws

There are numerous compliance laws that have been in effect for a long time. Due to the nature of data obtained in some industries, there is a requirement to secure this confidential information.

In major industries like healthcare, insurance, finance, and banking, your company is required to protect, encrypt, and in some cases redact the following data (which is found in your call recordings):

  • Patient health data
  • Credit Card numbers
  • Social Security and National Insurance Numbers
  • Bank Account numbers and PINs
  • Financial information and transactions such as stock purchases or trading advice
  • Any data pertaining to consumer privacy regulations

Within these categories, there are specific data and information businesses shouldn’t store. With a secure and compliant recording solution, you ensure your customers and your business’s protection.

Protecting Your Customers

Compliance Call Recording

Customers share a lot of information over the phone. For example, a bank may record hundreds or even thousands of PIN codes spoken during phone calls each day.

CallCabinet’s software integration omits the PIN code information when it is spoken during the call to protect the customer’s information. The bank employees and managers don’t have to worry about leaking personal information because CallCabinet’s AI automatically redacts that portion of the call. Anyone that reviews the call will not have access to the customer’s personal information in the future.

CallCabinet’s compliance call recording software integration enables you to meet every global compliance regulation. Keeping your customers’ data safe is the best way to protect your business and your reputation.

Protecting Your Business

Call recording is an absolute need for every business sales and call center operation, but it also comes with benefits above merely meeting legal requirements.

Not only can a call compliance platform protect you from the fines and legal sanctions you would have faced for compliance breaches, but compliant call recordings can also protect your reputation.

When a customer takes legal action against you regarding security issues, your trial may end up being a very public event, damaging your reputation. Consumer confidence is a critical metric no company can afford to ignore.

Making use of a call recording platform can prevent legal action from a customer because a recording eliminates any doubt as to what transpired between the customer and your company. And when your call recorder is industry-compliant, your storage of those calls is heavily encrypted which prevents your company from being the source of a data breach.

Common Compliance Laws

Compliance Call Recording

Atmos by CallCabinet enables you to bring your business into compliance with every compliance law within days. Here’s a brief list of some of the compliance regulations Atmos supports:

  • GDPR
  • MiFID II
  • Dodd-Frank
  • FCA
  • MAD II
  • FAIS
  • POPI
  • FICA
  • CCPA

Atmos installs easily and is operational within a day. If you are in the healthcare, financial services, or e-commerce sectors, this integration can greatly benefit your operations.

Try Compliance Call Recording

Compliance call recording with Atmos gives you the ability to securely capture and store your voice data, gain valuable insights into your customer experience through analytics, and allows your business to transform its customer relationships.

Staying compliant with industry regulations should be a primary focus for any business. Legally protect your business and your customers while gaining valuable insight into your voice data.

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