How-to Watch Star Wars Movie in ASCII Art

This is a wonderful feature in Windows Run which you can explore by turning on your internet connection and following the steps below: Go to Start–>Run… Type “telnet” without quotes and press OK button. That’s it!! your are set to view Star Wars ...Read More

How-to Print Only What You Like

Is your print space being wasted while printing a web page because of different images, ads, empty spaces and other junk you don’t want? If the answer is YES.. then you have to know about PrintWhatYouLike. PrintWhatYouLike is a free web page editor that ...Read More

What’s Google Hiding From us

Go to Google search and type in anyone of the following and press “I’m Feeling Lucky” Command button. These are the additional cool features google search is providing us. google 1337 google 133t google gothic google bearshare google loco google linux google ewmew google ...Read More