Be Careful Using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V Online

It is extremely easy to extract the text that is stored in the clipboard to steal your sensitive information. The copied data can be easily accessible over the net by JavaScript or ASP or combination of both. Here is the JavaScript code for retrieving ...Read More

9/11 Q33N Notepad Trick

You all well know that Q33N is the flight number that hit the World Trade Center on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Here is the Notepad connecting the flight number with what had happened. It’s also said that this is the code that the intelligence ...Read More

Simple Yahoo! Chat Commands Revealed

Directly you can use these simple and very useful chat commands on Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo! Chat Commands: /join [room] go to what ever room you wish /invite [buddys name] sends invitation request /tell [user] [message] private messages a friend /follow [user] follows a friend ...Read More

Facebook Instant Messaging Service

Facebook has been testing a new instant messaging service and will be launching it to the public soon, perhaps in the next week. The service will be built into user’s Facebook pages and allow them to web chat with their Facebook friends. Also like ...Read More