Multiple File Handling and Setting Relationships in FoxPro

Multiple File Handling:-

FoxPro allows more than one table to be opened at a time and upto 225 tables can be opened at a time. Every table is help in a separate work area. A work area is simply a place were FoxPro keeps track of a single table and all the related information.

Setting Relationships:-

Relationships can be established between two or more tables at the command level with the use of Set Relation command. The set relation command draws a relationship between a key field which is common to two or more tables. The table in the work area must be indexed as the field or expression used to link the files, before the set relation command can be used.

Queries in FoxPro are nothing but the questions put to FoxPro above the data stored in tables which FoxPro answers in form of subset of a record that need the condition specified by the query. The most common reason for designing queries is to select desired fields of the record from the tables. Create query and RQBE stands for Relational Query by example.

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