A Brief Overview of Normal Packages Used for Data Store Purposes

As you already know, data is any collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn and processed form of that data is called information. To store the data for processing, there are databases and flat files which come under data store packages.

Here are some of the normal applications used for data store purposes:

  1. WordStar

    WordStar Developed by MicroPro International, WordStar is the first word-processing application software popular in the early to mid-1980s, but lost its competitive edge later and eventually got outdated because of the advent of Microsoft Word.

  2. Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word 2010 First released in 1983, MS-Word is a word processing program designed by Microsoft Corporation that helps you to create neat and attractive documents easily and quickly. It comes quiet handy with its multi-faceted capabilities in drafting casual and official letters, preparing mail lists and reports.

    Since its launch in 1983 as Microsoft Word 5.0 that works under MS-DOS to the latest version of Word 2010,  Microsoft Word never lost its luster and in-fact it’s the preferred choice when it comes to using a standard word processor.

  3. Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Excel 2010 Excel is one of the most versatile and popular spreadsheet program that serves as an ideal electronic pad for accountants. It is a program specifically designed to enter organized data as well as to efficiently model, analyze, manage, and share information attractively.

    Microsoft Excel 2010 is the latest version in the series, and it houses some unique features and benefits like:

    –> Ability to make fast, effective comparisons from lists of data.

    –> Access workbooks anytime, anywhere with the help of Excel Web App & Excel Mobile.

    –> Improving the quality with the ability to work together with others simultaneously on the same workbook in almost any Web browser.

    –> Faster manipulation of huge data sets into useful information and streamlined data integration made possible with the free PowerPivot add-in.

  4. Adobe Pagemaker

    Adobe PageMaker 7 PageMaker is the ultimate software tool and ideal page layout program for producing professional-quality business communications for print, press and electronic distribution. It enables business, education, office professionals to create high-quality publications such as brochures and newsletters.

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