Monthly Archive:: July 2011

Swipe into a Better View with eyeCard

Wearing conventional eyeglasses not only effects the appearance by often making a bump on the bridge of the nose but also covers a girls beautiful mascara and eye shadow. And even worse, people can even call “four-eyed” (just kidding) sometimes. These are some of ...Read More

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic-Voice-Phenomenon and its underlying techniques is a controversial and mysterious topic which is arguably said by some ghost researchers as the most effective way of capturing human sounding voices from unknown sources as that of spirits of dead. EVP techniques have made possible for ...Read More

eBill – Environmentally Friendly and Secure

Electronic billing also called as e-bill is nothing but the electronic delivery of invoices/bills free of cost as opposed to traditional paper billing. This allows business owners to send invoices or bills and other supporting customer documents electronically online through their website, e-mail or ...Read More