EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic-Voice-Phenomenon and its underlying techniques is a controversial and mysterious topic which is arguably said by some ghost researchers as the most effective way of capturing human sounding voices from unknown sources as that of spirits of dead. EVP techniques have made possible for anyone having just a variety of electronic equipment at their disposal to try to communicate with these mysterious voices which was only possible earlier through oracles, sences, mediums and psychics.

The actual source of the paranormal voices recorded on the page is of course unknown precisely till date but some say that they are voices of spirits or people from another dimension and due to which great success is achieved using EVP techiques at cemeteries. Whereas some researchers believe that the voices come from the users own subconscious mind as their inner feelings or thoughts are projected on the recording tape.

Eventhough most of the spiritual researchers and ghost research societies believe the Electronic Voice Phenomenon exists and recorded many voices from unknown spiritual sources, but skeptics argue that these sounds are due to radio interference, hoaxes, artifacts due to low quality equipment and auditory pareidolia. Whatever may be the explanations, the underlying theories of EVP are still unknown and not much of the material is available on it.

For more info on EVP, visit – EVP Research Association

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