Utility Tools Add Wings to Your Mobile

If you have a mobile, with the help of utility tools you can use it in many ways besides just using for checking mails, searching or posting a tweet. Each of these utility tools will be having its own speciality and functionality.

Phone, PC, Tab or whatever possessed by you has to be updated and adopted to new features. Do you know that in mobiles PDF files of many pages can be converted as single PDF and also it can be password protected? Using one application and getting the work done by 18 different software is a possibility also. Let’s know about some of these in detail.

Assistant for Android

Android Assistant is free management software for Android based mobile phones which improve the capability of Android mobile by performing 18 important tasks.

  • “Monitor Status” feature is available to know the status of phone CPU, memory and battery details.
  • With the help of “Process Manager” unnecessary applications can be searched and removed easily.
  • With the help of the “File Manager” files can be viewed easily.
  • With the help of the “System Cleaner” your browser history, Google Earth history, Google Map history, clipboard and Gmail history can be cleared.
  • At a time several applications can be uninstalled with “Batch Uninstall.” And sound system can be easily managed with “Volume Control.” https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.advancedprocessmanager

PDF Utility – Lite for PDF Files

To perform many works with PDF files, PDF PDF Utility – Lite is to be obtained. Immediately on installing, you can find options appearing as icons. Using “Split” option a PDF file can be split at specific page and into multiple files. With “Merge” option many PDF files can be made as single file. The images in the PDF file can be extracted and those images can be converted into PDF. Using this utility software you can also password protect your important PDF files. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.telbyte.lite.pdf

Lock Using LockOnApps

Your private apps in Nokia from the use of the others can be locked with a secure password utilizing LockOnApps tool. Having LockOnApps installed in your phone, security arrangement can be easily made for various apps like gallery, messages, contacts, internet, bluetooth and others.

Record Calls Using Automatic Call Recorder

Your entire phone calls can be automatically recorded by using Automatic Call Recorder app. Recording is done depending on the free space available in your Micro SD memory card, so more the available memory more calls can be recorded.

Battery Magic – The Best Battery App for iPhone & iPod

To check the battery usage and how much battery power is still available Battery Magic is #1 choice. Besides knowing the strength of the battery time to time, you can set various battery graphics and themes.

Emoji Icons for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Emoji icons app can be obtained for attractive smiley and emoticon keyboard which can be used everywhere – sms, notes, contacts, calendar and other applications. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/emoji/id506460513?mt=8

Dial Plate iPhone App

Get old model rotary dialer for the iPhone with Dial Plate app. Using this alternative dialer pad, you can dial as if on the landline dialing.

Secret SMS Android App

If you want to keep messages secret or control SMS text messages accessibility in your Android mobile, then get Secret SMS app. Not only hiding the messages but also encryption of messages can be done using this app.

Folder Sync : File Syncing – Data Backup Tool

Through Wi-Fi connection Smartphone data can be synchronized with PC by getting Simple Sync. Using this tool you can easily synchronize, backup and transfer photos, music files, address book, video files and text messages.

Dr.Web Anti-virus Light

This popular anti-virus app from leading Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web keeps your mobile free from viruses and malware.

Gesture Search Android App

To search contacts on your Android phone there is no need to type. With Gesture Search just draw gestures on the screen and contacts list will be displayed relevant to the written words. Not only contacts but also bookmarks, applications and music files can be searched easily using this Gesture Search.

Youlu Address Book

Using Youlu Address Book in our smartphone is an easy method to manage the phone numbers and addresses of family members and friends. To say in one word it’s a powerful contact management tool. Download Youlu Address Book

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